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Michael Lavalette

Michael Lavalette has published widely on radical social work and contemporary social movements. He is co-editor of Critical and Radical Social Work journal.
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Global social work in a political context

Radical perspectives

How is social work shaped by global issues and international problems and how should it address them? Taking a radical perspective, this book reveals what we can learn from different approaches from across the globe.

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Adult social care

An historical overview of adult social care that locates the roots of the current crisis in the under-valuing of older people and adults with disabilities and in the marketisation of social care over the past two decades.

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Race, Racism and Social Work

Contemporary issues and debates

Lavalette and Penketh reveal that racism towards Britain’s ethnic minority groups has undergone a process of change and affirm the importance of social work to address issues of ‘race’ and racism in education and training, presenting a critical review of a demanding aspect of social work practice.

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Social work in extremis

Lessons for social work internationally

This important book looks at social work responses in different countries to extreme social, economic and political situations including war situations, military regimes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

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Radical social work today

Social work at the crossroads

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the seminal text Radical Social Work (1975), this volume has been compiled to explore the radical tradition within social work and assess its legacy, relevance and prospects. It is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduates studying social work, as well as social work academics and researchers.

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