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Sociology is a growth area for us and our books in sociology and social theory include exciting work from new authors and well-known academics, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate textbooks.

Our wide range of sociology and social theory books include high quality research and range from textbooks through to specialised monographs. Many also ‘make a difference’ in a tangible way, whether it be informing a key policy or practice debate, or improving the education of students.

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From Chicago to Shenzen

Reconsidering the urban through China

This book gathers together reflections from a diverse range of urban China specialists to consider the relevance today of Robert Park and the Chicago school and to actively engage with the development of the contemporary city.

The modern slavery agenda

Politics, policy and practice in the UK

Modern slavery is growing despite the introduction of laws to try to stem it. This is the first book critically to assess the legislation, using evidence from across the field, and to offer strategies for improvement in policy and practice.

Vital bodies

Living with illness

Based on ethnographic research conducted over a year, this book tells the story of twelve people, each living with illness. Focusing on everyday life, it explores ideas of care, vulnerability and choice. Juxtaposing text with illustrations, the book highlights the intimacies of visual sociology and demonstrates the value of sensuous scholarship.

What’s wrong with work?

What’s wrong with work shows that how workers are treated has wide implications beyond the lives of workers themselves.

Recognising gender, race, class and global differences, the book considers the ways formal work is often dependent on informal work and concludes by considering what might make work better.

The class ceiling

Why it pays to be privileged

A criminology of moral order

Moral order is disturbed by criminal events, however traditionally, issues around morality have been neglected by criminologists. Using the moral perspective Boutellier bridges the gap between people’s emotional opinions on crime, and criminologists rationalised answers to questions of crime and security.

Everyday Europe

Social transnationalism in an unsettled continent

This book offers an empirically-based view on Europeans’ interconnections in everyday life. It looks at the ways in which EU residents have been getting closer across national frontiers. The book considers how people reconcile their increasing cross-border interconnections and a politically separating Europe of nation states and national interests.


Snobbery matters because it is the way in which social divisions are built. In these times of growing social inequality, snobbery is becoming ever more pertinent. This book draws on literature, popular culture and autobiography as well as sociology and history to take a fresh and engaging look at this key social and cultural issue.

Evidence based policing

An introduction

Examining what makes something evidence-based and not merely evidence-informed, this book unifies the voices of police practitioners, academics, and pracademics. It provides real world examples of evidence-based police practices and how police research can be created and applied in the field.

The social context of outsourced domestic cleaning

Outsourcing of domestic work in the UK has been steadily rising since the 1970s, but little research has considered White British women. This book argues that outsourced domestic cleaning can either be done as mental and manual skilled work or as manual and ‘natural’ emotional/affective labour, depending on the work conditions.

50 facts everyone should know about crime and punishment in Britain

The truth behind the myths

This exciting book presents 50 key facts related to crime and criminal justice policy in Britain. Offering thought-provoking insights into the study of crime, this fascinating “go to” book reveals the myths and realities of crime in contemporary Britain.

Home-Land: Romanian Roma, domestic spaces and the state

This book is the first intimate ethnography of governing encounters in the home space between Romanian Roma migrants and local frontline workers. It covers the divide between state and family, home-land and home and what it means for the new rules of citizenship.