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What people say about Policy Press

"A fine academic press." Professor Noam Chomsky

"It's never been less than an honour to feature the hugely important work of Policy Press in these pages. I'm in their debt." Karen Shook, former Books Editor of the Times Higher

"Policy Press are dedicated to publishing that counts and serves a wider purpose, producing books with care and craftsmanship. They publish on subjects where other publishers don’t go. And their books make a difference."
Danny Dorling, Professor of Geography at Oxford University, author of Injustice

"Time and again Policy Press has published provocative and profound books on the vital topics of our day. Their recent authors include some of the most trenchant contemporary commentators and thinkers on matters of social justice. We need publishers like this."
Melissa Benn, writer, journalist and campaigner

"As the Guardian's social policy editor I was well aware of how far ahead of its rivals the Policy Press had surged. As a client I have been equally impressed. From hard back to updated paper back they remained enthusiastic, committed and quick to respond to the tumultous tide that engulfed Murdoch's empire in the wake of the hacking scandal. Thank you."
Malcom Dean, author of Democracy under attack

"As writer and editor of, or contributor to, Policy Press books, I have always been impressed by the efficient and supportive service they provide;  as an academic criminologist I am increasingly amazed by the increasing scope of their publication list as it constantly pushes the boundaries of searching critical and applied analysis; as a reader I am never disappointed by the diligence shown in the writing and production quality of the books themselves. Policy press makes a major contribution to the applied policy sciences, I don't know where we'd be without them."
Peter Squires Professor of Criminology & Public Policy, University of Brighton; President: British Society of Criminology, 2015-2018

"If I had the money, I'd establish a press like this in every part of America. Major houses are great, but it's places like these that publish the work that matters most."
Linda Tirado, author of Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America (Berkley Books 2015)

"Staff at Policy Press are enthusiastic about new ideas, extremely efficient and helpful. Their procedures are rigorous in terms of peer review yet work in partnership with their authors. Policy Press as an organisation is exceptional."
Sheila Peace, President, British Society of Gerontology, author of Adult lives

"With their important mission to widen the influence of big ideas to promote real political change, Policy Press has continually pushed to connect a high standard of scholarship with a much broader readership."
Richard Wilkinson, author of The spirit level: Why equality is better for everyone (Penguin 2010)

"I found the Policy Press team highly professional, dedicated, visionary and very sympathetic as an author. Also on the ball with social media and other communications. All in all, terrific to work with."
Lord Peter Hain, former MP, author of Back to the future of socialism

"Working with Policy Press is a delight - there's none of that alienating handing over the production process to nameless faces far away. The team at Policy is efficient, helpful, and ready to understand authors' little (and big) problems and dramas. Most of all they are a team, and to be part of that collaborative working is a real pleasure."
Ann Oakley, author of Father and daughter

"It is a privilege to work with a publisher that aims to make a difference rather than a profit."
Tania de St Croix, Kings College London, author of Grassroots youth work

"If I had to use one word to describe the Policy Press approach to authors it would be 'nurturing'. The editors at Policy Press took me just as seriously when I was a beginning academic as they do today. They seem very genuinely to want their authors to succeed I hope and plan to be a Policy Press author for the rest of my career."
Salvatore Babones, Associate Professor of Sociology & Social Policy, University of Sydney, author of Sixteen for '16

"I am proud to write for Policy Press because of their ethical stance and commitment to social justice. Their friendly, helpful, responsive approach makes them a pleasure to work with. I am particularly happy that my work is helping to build this socially aware non-profit organisation rather than contributing to shareholders' dividends."
Helen Kara, researcher, teacher and author of Creative research methods in the social sciences

"In our ever more connected online world, everybody has an opinion. But not everyone has insights. That’s why the Policy Press has such a critical role to play in our global political discourse. The Policy Press offers up to us all authors who can help us see beyond the huffing and puffing of the daily news cycle. As a nonprofit, the Policy Press doesn’t have to chase after trendy click-bait topics. What the Policy Press delivers instead: thoughtful titles on the issues – like our current maldistribution of income and wealth – that truly challenge our times."
Sam Pizzigati, editor of Too Much, the Institute for Policy Studies commentary on excess and inequality

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