Adam Dinham

Adam Dinham is Professor of Faith and Public Policy, Director of the Faiths and Civil Society Unit and Head of the Department of Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is also Professor of Religion and Belief Literacy at VID Specialised University in Oslo.


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Faith as social capital

Connecting or dividing?

The UK government has identified Faith communities as important players in community development and regeneration. But religion is also associated with conflict and division. How far is this faith in 'Faith' justified? How far should Faith communities comply? This report assesses the debate and the evidence. Free PDF available at

Policy Press

Faith in the public realm

Controversies, policies and practices

"Faith in the public realm" takes an explicitly multi-faith perspective, exploring the controversies, policies and practices of 'public faith'. It questions perceptions of a fixed divide between religious and secular participants in public life and challenges prevailing concepts of a monolithic 'neutral' public realm.

Policy Press

Re-imagining Religion and Belief

21st Century Policy and Practice

With growing diversity of religion and belief in every sector comes the potential for new dialogues across previously impermeable policy and disciplinary silos. This volume critically challenges policy makers to re-imagine religion and belief as an integral part of public life that contains resources, practices, forms of knowledge and experience.

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Religion and Belief Literacy

Reconnecting a Chain of Learning

This book presents a crisis of religion and belief literacy to which education at every level is challenged to respond. It provides a clear pathway for engaging well with religion and belief diversity in public and shared settings.

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