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Britain and Europe at a Crossroads

The Politics of Anxiety and Transformation

Ryder develops the conceptual framework of securitisation to make sense of the events surrounding the Brexit vote and its aftermath and examines the ways that political elites engineered a politics of fear, insecurity and Brexit nationalism in the run up to the UK’s vote to leave the European Union.

Bristol Uni Press

Contested Britain

Brexit, Austerity and Agency

Brings together interdisciplinary and international case studies to provide a distinctive analysis of how politics in the UK and the lives of British citizens have evolved in the first decades of the twenty-first century, focusing on the interconnectedness of austerity politics, the Brexit vote and the rise of populist politics.

Bristol Uni Press

The Battle of Ideas in the Labour Party

From Attlee to Corbyn and Brexit

Using interviews with key thinkers in the party, this book gives a lively account of the ideological developments and dramas in the Labour Party in recent decades. It delves into the totemic battles between hard and soft left, examines key periods of Labour’s ideological exhaustion and ideational confusion, and analyses the impacts of Corbynism.

Bristol Uni Press

EU Migrant Workers, Brexit and Precarity

Polish Women's Perspectives from Inside the UK

How has the Brexit vote affected EU migrants in the UK? This book presents a female Polish perspective, using findings from research carried out with economic migrants from Poland interviewed before and after the Brexit vote.

Policy Press

Education and Race from Empire to Brexit

This book offers an historically informed discussion of the failure of the education systems in Britain to counter hostilities towards racial and ethnic minorities and migrants, which have escalated after the vote to leave the European Union, and left schools and universities failing to engage with a multiracial- multicultural society.

Policy Press

Whose Government Is It?

The Renewal of State-Citizen Cooperation

Edited by Henry Tam

This book brings together leading figures in democratic reform and civic engagement to show why and how better state-citizen cooperation is needed to improve democracy and achieve positive social change across a range of policy areas and in varied national contexts.

Bristol Uni Press

What Brexit Means for EU and UK Social Policy

With the UK’s decision to leave the EU as one of the greatest challenges in the EU’s history, this book seeks to understand the role played by social policy in the referendum campaign and withdrawal negotiations, and considers what Brexit means for social policy development both in the UK and across the EU.

Policy Press

The Lies We Were Told

Politics, Economics, Austerity and Brexit

Bristol Uni Press

Bordering Two Unions

Northern Ireland and Brexit

Available Open Access under CC-BY-NC licence. This thorough analysis draws upon EU, UK, Irish and international law and sets the scene for a post-Brexit Northern Ireland by showing what the future might hold.

Policy Press

Understanding Brexit

A Concise Introduction

Policy Press

Borders, Mobility and Belonging in the Era of Brexit and Trump

Using cutting-edge academic work on migration and citizenship to address three themes central to current debates – borders and walls, mobility and travel, and belonging - the authors provide new insights into the politics of migration and citizenship in the UK and the US.

Policy Press

Squaring the Circle on Brexit

Could the Norway Model Work?

Two preeminent Norwegian scholars of politics and law offer a comprehensive first-hand account of Norway’s relationship with the EU and how this affects the country’s legal and political system, setting out what Britain can learn from Norway’s experience and how transferable these lessons are.

Bristol Uni Press