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Stinking Rich

The Four Myths of the Good Billionaire

Perspectives on Whistleblowing

Cases and Theories

Examining high profile cases including Kiriakou, Snowden, Foxley and Assange, this book offers crucial insights into the subject of whistleblowing.

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Rethinking Financial Behaviour

Rationality and Resistance in the Financialization of Everyday Life

UK and US pension policy expects consistently informed decision-making in finance. Deviating from this is often deemed “irrational”, ignoring uncontrollable factors in individuals’ lives.

Challenging existing policy approaches, this book proposes a fresh perspective on rationality when it comes to financial policy and practices.

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Drag as Marketplace

Contemporary Cultures, Identities and Business

Now a multi-million-dollar industry blending art, politics, and entertainment, drag's popularity has soared in recent years. Yet, despite its rise as a consumer product, research exploring the intersection of drag and markets remains scarce. This interdisciplinary collection fills that void, exploring drag's market impact.

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Ricardo’s Dream

How Economists Forgot the Real World and Led Us Astray

Ricardo’s Dream tells the fascinating story of David Ricardo, Adam Smith’s only real rival as the ‘founder of economics’: who introduced the study of abstract models to economics. He also developed the theory of trade that underpinned globalization and hides a history of power, empire and slavery.

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Extinction Equilibrium

Economics for Generational Survival

The past two decades have seen a global financial crisis, increasing levels of inequality, a pandemic and the intensification of the climate emergency. As debate rages about how to ensure a fairer society, this book asks where we want to be in 20 years’ time and how we might get there.

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Moomin Management

Redefining Generosity

Offering rare insights from the Moomin inner circle, this book unveils the Moomin business management journey, from Tove Jansson's creations to a global art-based brand and a growing ecosystem of companies. It unveils the keys to a sustainable business devoted to comforting people and fostering good, inspiring a blueprint for lasting success.

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The Sociology of Contemporary Work

What It Is, and Why We Need It

This book injects a fresh burst of energy into the sociology of work, offering an invigorating perspective that's both vibrant and deeply informed. Bringing the field up to date, leading sociology of work scholar Marek Korczynski offers an enlightening exploration of sociology of work, as well as the evolving world of work itself.

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Creative Construction

Democratic Planning in the 21st Century and Beyond

Given the destructive consequences of capitalism, it has never been more urgent to reconsider democratic planning. But how can we construct this in realistic terms? This accessible work bridges current movements with academic and public discourse to offer an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to planning in the 21st century.

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Crises at Work

It is impossible to view the news at present without hearing talk of crisis: the economy, the climate, the pandemic. This book asks how these larger societal issues lead to a crisis with work, making it ever more precarious, unequal and intense. Experts diagnose the nature of the problem and offer a programme for transcending above the crises.

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The Resilient Entrepreneur

Lessons from the London Riots

What makes entrepreneurs more or less resilient to adversity? This illuminating case study brings together resilience, adaptation and crisis management evidence to offer invaluable lessons and interventions for entrepreneurs, managers and other stakeholders.

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Exiting the Factory (Volume 1)

Strikes and Class Formation Beyond the Industrial Sector

Drawing on case studies from Germany, Britain and Spain, this book offers a novel assessment of labour struggles and class formation. Gallas explores key issues around class relations, struggles around waged and unwaged work and labour movements in contemporary capitalism to bring class theory back to labour studies.

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