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Anarchist Cybernetics

Control and Communication in Radical Politics

Igniting a new field of scholarly inquiry, this pioneering book introduces cybernetic thinking to politics and organizational studies to explore the continuing development of the radical idea of participatory democracy within organizations.

Bristol Uni Press

Architectures of Inequality

Gender Pay Inequity and Britain’s Finance Sector

The gender pay gap is economically irrational and yet stubbornly persistent. Focusing on the finance industry which is known for its gender pay disparity, this book explores the efforts being made to fix gendered inequities in the workplace and the factors stalling progress for the future.

Bristol Uni Press
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Beyond the Wage

Ordinary Work in Diverse Economies

This volume challenges the idea of wage employment as the global norm, comparing lived experiences of ‘ordinary work’ across conceptual and geographical boundaries and opening up new possibilities for how work, income, identity and care might be woven together differently.

Bristol Uni Press

Business and Community in Medieval England

The Cambridge Hundred Rolls Source Volume

One of the most important manuscripts surviving from thirteenth-century England, the documents known as the Hundred Rolls for Cambridge have been incomplete until the recent discovery of an additional roll.

Offering new translations and additional appendices, this invaluable volume updates the inaccurate transcription of 1818.

Bristol Uni Press


Radical Strategies for Social Movement Organising

This book takes personal stories of activity in the animal rights, environmental, trade union, community and social justice spheres and uses them to engage with ideas emerging from social movement theory.

Policy Press
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Co-operation and Co-operatives in 21st-Century Europe

This volume offers an important vision of co-operation as an alternative to the neoliberal market, exploring the cooperative model’s potential for driving environmental and socio-economic transformation in the post-COVID world.

Bristol Uni Press

Compassionate Capitalism

Business and Community in Medieval England

It may seem like a recent trend, but the businesses have been practicing “Compassionate Capitalism” for nearly a thousand years. Based on the recently discovered historical documents on Cambridge’s urban property market, this transdisciplinary study presents an invaluable contribution to our knowledge of the early phases of capitalism.

Bristol Uni Press

COVID-19 Stories from the Swedish Welfare State

The Pandemicracy

Based on field material collected from 2020 to 2022 in Sweden, this book tells a composite story of the everyday work of public sector workers that maintained the welfare infrastructure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bristol Uni Press
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The Creation of Poverty and Inequality in India

Exclusion, Isolation, Domination and Extraction

This book analyses poverty in India as being intimately connected with the advent of caste, untouchability, colonialism, indentured servitude and slavery, and their relation to modern practices. It recommends a slew of bold domestic and international policies to eliminate poverty.

Bristol Uni Press

Creative Construction

Democratic Planning in the 21st Century and Beyond

Given the destructive consequences of capitalism, it has never been more urgent to reconsider democratic planning. But how can we construct this in realistic terms? This accessible work bridges current movements with academic and public discourse to offer an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to planning in the 21st century.

Bristol Uni Press
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Creative Destruction

How to Start an Economic Renaissance

A new technological revolution is needed, backed by political and cultural change to address Western economic stagnation. This means embracing the major disruption required to our companies and workforce to focus on embryonic technological sectors.

Policy Press

Crises at Work

Economy, Climate and Pandemic

It is impossible to view the news at present without hearing talk of crisis: the economy, the climate, the pandemic. This book asks how these larger societal issues lead to a crisis with work, making it ever more precarious, unequal and intense. Experts diagnose the nature of the problem and offer a programme for transcending above the crises.

Bristol Uni Press
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