Consuelo Corradi

Consuelo Corradi is Professor of Sociology and Vice-Chair for research and international relations at Lumsa University, Rome, Italy. She served as co-Chair of the Cost Action IS1206 on Femicide across Europe. She was Vice-President of the European Sociological Association from 2007 to 2009. Her research interests include violence against women, femicide, and the cross-national comparison of gender policy regimes across Europe. Her most recent book is “The concept and measurement of violence against women and men” (Policy Press, 2017), co-authored with S. Walby and others.


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Femicide across Europe

Theory, Research and Prevention

This book is the first on femicide in Europe and presents the findings of a 4 year project discussing various aspects of femicide. It looks at the prevention programmes and comparative quantitative and qualitative data collection, as well as the impact of culture. It proposes the establishment of an European Observatory on Femicide.

Policy Press

Women and Religion

Contemporary and Future Challenges in the Global Era

This edited collection provides interdisciplinary, global, and multi-religious perspectives on the relationship between women’s identities, religion, and social change in the contemporary world.

Policy Press

The Concept and Measurement of Violence Against Women and Men

Available Open Access under CC-BY-NC licence. The book is a guide to how the measurement of violence can be best achieved. It shows how to make femicide, rape, domestic violence, and FGM visible in official statistics and offers practical guidance on definitions, indicators and coordination mechanisms.

Policy Press