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Tackling Torture

Prevention in Practice

Malcolm Evans tells the story of torture prevention under international law, setting out what is really taking place in places of detention around the world. Challenging assumptions about torture’s root causes, he calls for what is needed to enable us to be in a better position to bring about change.

Bristol Uni Press

Pregnancy and New Motherhood in Prison

This timely book addresses an overlooked area of criminal justice by focusing on the reality of pregnancy, birth and/or separation, and new motherhood in prison. Based on the experiences of women in mother and baby units, it passionately argues the case for minimising harm, making key reading for criminology and midwifery students and researchers.

Policy Press

Understanding Abuse in Young People’s Intimate Relationships

Female Perspectives on Power, Control and Gendered Social Norms

Gender-based violence is explored from the perspective of young women in this essential guide for those working with young people.

Policy Press

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Serious Youth Violence

Whereas crime more generally has fallen over the last 20 years, levels of serious youth violence remain high. This book explores the relationship between adverse childhood experiences and serious youth violence and advocates for a more psychosocial approach to trauma-informed policy and practice within the youth justice system.

Bristol Uni Press

Negotiating LGBTQ Sexualities in Data Driven Times

Surveillance, Identification, and Representation

Digital media technologies have enabled some LGBTQ individuals and communities to successfully organise for basic rights and justice, albeit at a risk of harassment and assault. Justin Ellis brings a ‘digiqueer’ perspective to LGBTQ identity formation through social media networks and considers the effects of surveillance technologies.

Bristol Uni Press

Intersectionality, Family Justice and Violence

Volume 2

Shedding light on the challenges and experiences of women and families within the criminal justice system, this book considers issues of intersectionality, violence and gender. Accessible to both academics and practitioners and with real-world policy recommendations, this collection demonstrates how positive change can be achieved.

Policy Press

Re-imagining Sexual Harassment

Perspectives from the Nordic Region

EPDF and EPUB available Open Access under CC-BY-NC-ND licence. This book brings researchers, writers and policy makers into dialogue in an ambitious volume and moves beyond the juridical definitions of justice, coloniality, exploitation and work and offers knowledge that is immediately implementable into policy making.

Policy Press

Refugee Youth

Migration, Justice and Urban Space

Telling the stories of young refugees in a range of international settings, this book explores how newcomers navigate urban spaces and negotiate multiple injustices in their everyday lives, giving voice to refugee youth from a wide variety of social backgrounds.

Bristol Uni Press

Practical Psychology for Policing

This textbook investigates how psychological research can be applied to practical policing. It explores new ways psychological knowledge can be used in broad areas of policing and uniquely demonstrates its use in specific aspects of practical policing. Encouraging critical reflection, this book is essential reading for practitioners and students.

Policy Press

Torture and Torturous Violence

Transcending Definitional Boundaries of Torture

With growing recognition that torture is too narrowly defined in law, this book offers a nuanced reflection on the definition of torturous violence, and its implications for survivors. Drawing on a decade of research with psychologists and women seeking asylum, Canning sets out the implications of social silencing of torture.

Bristol Uni Press

Dealing, Music and Youth Violence

Neighbourhood Relational Change, Isolation and Youth Criminality

With fascinating ethnographic and interview data, James Alexander explores the disappearance of localised relationships and the rise in youth violence in a South London housing estate. Evaluating the effectiveness of youth work programmes, he considers the impact of the gradual move from neighbourly to professional support for young people.

Bristol Uni Press

Island Criminology

Ten percent of the world’s population lives on islands, but until now the place and space characteristics of islands in criminological theory have not been deeply considered. This book addresses issues of how, and by whom, crime is defined in island settings, informed by the distinctive social structures of their communities.

Bristol Uni Press