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Touted as a short, sharp adjustment to the economy in the wake of the financial crisis, the cuts and slashing of the welfare state has caused a multitude of harms to individuals, communities and society as a whole as a result.

As a publisher who has had tackling inequality at its heart for 25 years, we have published many research outputs that tackle the topic of austerity, including many articles in our Journal of Poverty and Social Justice.

Bristol University Press and Policy Press are signed up to the UN SDG Publishers Compact. In this cross-cutting theme, we aim to address the following goal:

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You may also be interested in our Global Social Challenges on hunger, food, water and shelter, poverty, inequality and social justice and democracy, power and governance.

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Vulnerabilities in Paid Care Work

Transnational Experiences, Insights and Voices

This book explores the recent experiences of diverse paid care workers in four very different national contexts – Finland, Canada, South Africa and England – to learn from their experiences during COVID-19 and its aftermath.

Policy Press
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The Kindness Fix

How and Why We Must Build a More Compassionate Society

The help we give to others can be more effective and more just if we cultivate greater levels of compassion. Jason Wood reviews the research and talks to experts from across the world to make the moving case for greater compassion in public life.

Policy Press
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Peak Injustice

Solving Britain’s Inequality Crisis

Peak Injustice follows up the best-selling Peak Inequality (2018), offering a carefully curated selection of Danny Dorling’s latest published writing with brand new content looking to the future, including challenges for a new government in 2024/25. An essential addition to readers’ Dorling collections.

Policy Press
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Pandemic Societies

This important book explores the dimensions, dynamics and implications of the emerging pandemic society, shedding new light on how pandemics are socially produced and, in turn, shape societies in governance, work and recreation, science and technology, education, and family life.

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Austerity Bites 10 Years On

A Journey to the Sharp End of Cuts in the UK

With new commentary, Austerity Bites 10 Years On assesses on the true scale of the damage austerity policies have inflicted on the country’s most vulnerable groups, public institutions and on the wider society, reflecting on where we have been, where we are now and what needs to happen next to undo the damage and avoid the same mistakes again.

Policy Press
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Organizing Food, Faith and Freedom

Imagining Alternatives

Based on an autoethnographic study about a free food store in Aotearoa New Zealand, this book examines how alternative economies and relations emerge from community solutions, and how these could be used to think, act and organize differently against capitalist dynamics.

Bristol Uni Press
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Transitional Safeguarding

This book powerfully sets out the case for Transitional Safeguarding, a new approach to protection and safeguarding designed to address the needs and behaviours of young people aged 15-24 who are falling between gaps in current systems, with often devastating results.

Policy Press

Studying Generations

Multidisciplinary Perspectives

This collection explores generational studies, showcasing its interdisciplinary potential in sociology, literature, history, psychology, media studies and politics. It offers fresh perspectives and opens new avenues for generational thinking.

Bristol Uni Press

Raising the Nation

How to Build a Better Future for Our Children (and Everyone Else)

Setting out big public policy ideas, enhanced by contributions from academic and campaigning experts, as well as those with lived experience, Raising the Nation shows why we must prioritise child-centred policies to ensure the future strength of our communities, environment and economy.

Policy Press

Diversity and Welfare Provision

Tension and Discrimination in 21st Century Britain

This book explores how diverse citizens experience welfare provision. It seeks to promote broader debate and address the silences in research and debate, particularly in relation under-researched groups, with the aim of developing a renewed call for analysis.

Policy Press

Alienation and Wellbeing

This book offers insights into the argument that capitalist society damages human health and well-being. Drawing on and bringing Marx’s theory of alienation forward to the present day, it uniquely links it to well-being.

Bristol Uni Press

Feeding the Middle Classes

Taste, Class and Domestic Food Practices

Considering food consumption in a wider social context, this book offers an alternative understanding of class relations, which extends academic, political and public debates about privilege.

Bristol Uni Press