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The work we publish on gender covers many disciplines including women's studies, queer studies, men's studies, feminism and politics. 

All of these titles, and our Journal of Gender-Based Violence and European Journal of Gender and Politics, contribute ideas that speak to the UN SDG goal to acheive gender quality and emplower all womden and girls.

Bristol University Press and Policy Press are signed up to the UN SDG Publishers Compact. In this cross-cutting theme, we aim to address the following goal:

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You may also be interested in our Global Social Challenge on equality, diversity and inclusion.

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Drag as Marketplace

Contemporary Cultures, Identities and Business

Now a multi-million-dollar industry blending art, politics, and entertainment, drag's popularity has soared in recent years. Yet, despite its rise as a consumer product, research exploring the intersection of drag and markets remains scarce. This interdisciplinary collection fills that void, exploring drag's market impact.

University Audit Cultures and Feminist Praxis

An Institutional Ethnography

Drawing on an unprecedented institutional ethnography of UK universities, this book uses feminist and gender lenses to critique the power, culture and structure of Higher Education institutions. Challenging the myths of how academia is governed by audit processes, it provides an opportunity to re-read and re-write these institutions from within.

The Sick Trans Person

Negotiations, Healthcare and the Tension of Demedicalization

By elevating trans voices and experiences, this book offers a new perspective on transness, medicalization and research methodologies to help trans people, practitioners and policy makers better understand the barriers faced by trans people when seeking healthcare.

Embodying Irish Abortion Reform

Bodies, Emotions, and Feminist Activism

This book explores the experiences of people affected by Ireland's constitutional abortion ban. Through in-depth research and interviews, the author uncovers how the 8th Amendment led women and gestating people live their bodies as "future aborting bodies," and how the need to ‘prepare’ for crisis pregnancies shaped everyday practices.

Gender and Physics in the Academy

Theory, Policy and Practice in European Perspective

This interdisciplinary collection addresses women's under-representation in science across Europe, focusing on physics and its gender imbalance. Emphasising social perspectives over biological explanations, it evaluates policy solutions and shares personal life stories, providing key insights into the physics world.

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The Sociology of Emotions

Feminist, Cultural and Sociological Perspectives

This book offers a comprehensive overview of the field of the Sociology of Emotions, incorporating sociological, feminist and cultural perspectives. It will be essential reading for researchers and students seeking a current and interdisciplinary resource covering a wide range of international material in the field of Sociology of Emotions.

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Gendering Place and Affect

Attachment, Disruption and Belonging

This book uses affect theory to explore how placed surroundings shape experiences of gender. Drawing on debates in sociology, geography and organization studies, it examines what it means to be ‘in’ or ‘out’ of place and analyses how gender shapes meanings, attachments and identities relating to place.

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Boundaries of Queerness

Homonationalism and Racial Politics in Sweden

This book explores how race, sexuality and gender are employed in political projects of belonging, whilst examining the implications for individual identity formation, in the context of Sweden.

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Later Life, Sex and Intimacy in the Majority World

This book challenges Western-centric views on sex in later life by exploring diverse cultures from the majority world. It advocates learning from overlooked perspectives and dismantling stereotypes about their sexual conservatism. It critiques cultural binaries, emphasising the need to decentre Western perspectives as the benchmark.

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Trans and Gender Diverse Ageing in Care Contexts

Research into Practice

With insights from trans and non-binary scholars and practitioners and those with lived experience, this book outlines what good care and support for older trans and non-binary people looks like. It enables practitioners in public and community services to develop their knowledge and skills to ensure their practice is affirmative and inclusive.

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The Science of Housework

The Home and Public Health, 1880-1940

This book recaptures the buried history of the household science movement, including domestic science teaching, public health, higher education for women and the scientific content and aims of domestic science courses.

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Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Peacekeeping and Aid

Critiquing the Past, Plotting the Future

This book highlights the ongoing challenge of preventing and responding to abuse in peacekeeping and aid work, plus the structural issues of power, coloniality and racism, while charting a path for future action.

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