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With many people already sleeping rough, and the increasing pressure of the housing crisis, research on homelessness, and housing insecurity, has never been more essential.

The books highlighted below explore both the causes of, and potential solutions to, homelessness, in the hope that one day homelessness will no longer be an issue in our societies.

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Care, Health and Housing

Crisis, Experiences and Answers

Edited by Lidia C. Manzo

Highlighting the substandard living conditions faced by many residents in social housing communities in Ireland, this book provides key information on housing quality at the community level and identifies practical solutions in the health, community care and housing sectors.

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Austerity Bites 10 Years On

A Journey to the Sharp End of Cuts in the UK

With new commentary, Austerity Bites 10 Years On assesses on the true scale of the damage austerity policies have inflicted on the country’s most vulnerable groups, public institutions and on the wider society, reflecting on where we have been, where we are now and what needs to happen next to undo the damage and avoid the same mistakes again.

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Slow Planning?

Timescapes, Power and Democracy

A deep exploration on how questions of time and its organisation affect planning practice, this book questions ‘project speed’: where time to think, deliberate and plan has been squeezed. The authors demonstrate the many benefits of slow planning for the key participants, multiple interests and planning system overall.

Policy Press

Disasters and Changes in Society and Politics

Contemporary Perspectives from Italy

Edited by Giuseppe Forino

This book brings a critical perspective to post-disaster reconstruction in Italy, and the sometimes radical changes in individual and collective behaviours that persist following such events. Considering the impacts of climate change and COVID-19, this edited book will stimulate debate on policy and practice in disaster recovery.

Bristol Uni Press

Living on the Edge

Innovative Research on Leaving Care and Transitions to Adulthood

Addressing previously neglected groups of care leavers such as unaccompanied migrants, street youth, young parents and those with a disability, this book considers the precarity often experienced by many care leavers. It makes research relevant to practitioners and policy-makers aiming to enable, rather than label, vulnerable groups.

Policy Press

Contextual Safeguarding

The Next Chapter

This book shares stories from child sexual exploitation, child criminal exploitation and peer violence about what has been learnt from the Contextual Safeguarding approach to understanding harm that happens to young people in their communities and what is required to respond.

Policy Press

Housing and Life Course Dynamics

Changing Lives, Places and Inequalities

Deepening inequalities and wider processes of demographic, economic and social change are altering how people across the Global North move between homes and neighbourhoods over the lifespan. This book presents a life course framework for understanding how the changing dynamics of people’s lives influence their residential experiences.

Policy Press

Disasters in the Philippines

Before and After Haiyan

Bringing together the voices of local scholars, this book examines disasters in the Asia-Pacific region. Through its analysis, the book demonstrates the scopes, inequities and inefficiencies of policies and responses, as well as forms of empowerment and resilience, in meeting challenges in disaster-afflicted communities in the Philippines.

Bristol Uni Press

Bringing Home the Housing Crisis

Politics, Precarity and Domicide in Austerity London

Often portrayed as an apolitical space, this book demonstrates that home is in fact a highly political concept. This book explores the legislative changes dismantling vulnerable groups’ rights to decent and affordable housing.

Policy Press

Rural Poverty Today

Experiences of Social Exclusion in Rural Britain

Many people living in rural areas face hardship but the UK’s welfare system is poorly adapted to meet their needs, with the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit and cutbacks exacerbating pressures. This book combines person-based and place-based approaches to tackling rural poverty.

Policy Press

Disrupted Urbanism

Situated Smart Initiatives in African Cities

The ‘smart city’ is often promoted as a technology-driven solution to complex urban issues. Drawing on original research conducted in urban African settings, this book provides a much-needed alternative view, exploring how ‘home-grown’ digital disruption, driven and initiated by local actors, upending the mainstream corporate narrative.

Bristol Uni Press

Inside High-Rise Housing

Securing Home in Vertical Cities

As cities sprawl skywards and private renting expands, this compelling geographic analysis of property identifies high-rise development’s overlooked hand in social segregation and urban fragmentation, and raises bold questions about the condominium’s prospects.

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