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With many people already sleeping rough, and the increasing pressure of the housing crisis, research on homelessness, and housing insecurity, has never been more essential.

The books highlighted below explore both the causes of, and potential solutions to, homelessness, in the hope that one day homelessness will no longer be an issue in our societies.

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Slow Planning?

Timescapes, Power and Democracy

A deep exploration on how questions of time and its organisation affect planning practice, this book questions ‘project speed’: where time to think, deliberate and plan has been squeezed. The authors demonstrate the many benefits of slow planning for the key participants, multiple interests and planning system overall.

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Rural Poverty Today

Experiences of Social Exclusion in Rural Britain

Many people living in rural areas face hardship but the UK’s welfare system is poorly adapted to meet their needs, with the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit and cutbacks exacerbating pressures. This book combines person-based and place-based approaches to tackling rural poverty.

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Phoenix cities

The fall and rise of great industrial cities

This book explores economic, social and environmental transformations in Europe and the USA to inform the regeneration of 'weak market cities'. 

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Neighbourhoods on the net

The nature and impact of internet-based neighbourhood information systems

How a neighbourhood is viewed can affect the lives of those who live there and the attitudes and behaviour of others towards them. This report examines the increasing use and sophistication of Internet-Based Neighbourhood Information Systems and considers their potential impact on how neighbourhoods are viewed. Free PDF available at www.jrf.org.uk

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Neighbourhood regeneration

Resourcing community involvement

This book looks at how community capacity building is delivered within neighbourhood regeneration programmes, focusing on the key issue of resourcing. This review is framed within the context of the government's emerging national strategy for neighbourhood renewal, and the New Commitment to Regeneration initiative.

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Neighbourhood Planning

Communities, Networks and Governance

Neighbourhood Planning offers a critical analysis of community-based planning activity in England, framed within a broader view of collaborative rationality and its limits.

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Mixed Communities

Gentrification by Stealth?

This book draws together a range of case studies by international experts to assess the impacts of social mix policies and the degree to which they might represent gentrification by stealth.

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Managing Cities at Night

A Practitioner Guide to the Urban Governance of the Night-Time Economy

Urban experts consider the future of night-time economies’ governance during the pandemic and beyond in this scholarly and accessible guide. They use global case studies to illustrate a range of socio-economic issues in cities after dark, and investigate the role of public and private sectors and leaders in shaping urban planning and policy.

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London voices, London lives

Tales from a working capital

"London Voices, London Lives" addresses a question of great current importance for urban policy: what kind of a place is London in the 21st century, and how does it differ significantly from other parts of urban Britain? It addresses these questions in a unique way: over one hundred ordinary Londoners provide their answers in their own voices.

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Living on the Edge

Innovative Research on Leaving Care and Transitions to Adulthood

Addressing previously neglected groups of care leavers such as unaccompanied migrants, street youth, young parents and those with a disability, this book considers the precarity often experienced by many care leavers. It makes research relevant to practitioners and policy-makers aiming to enable, rather than label, vulnerable groups.

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Justice and Fairness in the City

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to 'Ordinary' Cities

This book examines the theory and practice of justice in and of the city through a multi-disciplinary collaboration, which draws on a wide range of expertise. It will be a valuable resource for academic researchers and students across a range of disciplines including urban and environmental studies.

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It’s the Government, Stupid

How Governments Blame Citizens for Their Own Policies

Governments conveniently blame social problems on their citizens, placing too much emphasis on personal responsibility. This book shows that ‘nudging’ citizens to better behaviour simply isn’t good enough and explains why we should hold our politicians responsible for social problems.

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