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Human rights and civil rights

Human rights and civil rights are one of the most important and fundamental parts of our society, offering guarantees of equal social opportunities and equal protection under the law, regardless of race, religion, gender or other personal characteristics. However these rights are not always universally upheld, leading to extereme injustices around the world.

The books below explore these rights and the impact being denied these rights can have on both individuals and societies. 

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Youth Migration and the Politics of Wellbeing

Stories of Life in Transition

Drawing on accounts of unaccompanied migrant young people becoming adult, this book offers a political economy analysis of wellbeing in the context of migration and demonstrates the urgent need for policy reform.

Bristol Uni Press

World Report 2016

Events of 2015

Human Rights Watch’s annual World Report 2016 highlights the armed conflict in Syria, international drug reform, drones and electronic mass surveillance and is a must-read for anyone interested in the fight to protect human rights in every corner of the globe.

Policy Press

World Report 2015

Events of 2014

Policy Press

World Report 2014

Events of 2013

Human Rights Watch's twenty-fourth annual World Report summarizes global trends and news in human rights.

Policy Press

World Report 2013

Events of 2012

Human Rights Watch's twenty-third annual World Report summarizes human rights conditions in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide.

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Women, Precarious Work and Care

The Failure of Family-friendly Rights

Drawing on interviews with women in precarious work, this text explores the everyday problems they face balancing work and care responsibilities. This crucial book exposes the failures of family-friendly rights and explains how to grant these women effective rights in the wake of COVID-19.

Bristol Uni Press

Women in transition

A study of the experiences of Bangladeshi women living in Tower Hamlets

The Bangladeshi population is the fastest growing ethnic group within the UK. Despite this, Bangladeshis in Britain are an under-researched group. This is especially true of the women in this community. Women in transition examines, in-depth and for the first time, Bangladeshi women's domestic and community lives.

Policy Press

Why Minor Powers Risk Wars with Major Powers

A Comparative Study of the Post-Cold War Era

Using case studies spanning the post-Cold War period in Iraq, Moldova and Serbia, this book breaks new ground in its study of asymmetric conflicts where warring sides exhibit vastly different power differentials.

Bristol Uni Press

Who’s Afraid of Political Education?

The Challenge to Teach Civic Competence and Democratic Participation

Edited by Henry Tam

Experts on learning for democracy come together to explore why and how the gap in civic competence should be bridged. They make the case for a more effective form of political education that can enable citizens to learn to exert their influence over their government in an informed and meaningful manner.

Policy Press

White Minds

Everyday Performance, Violence and Resistance

In this powerful book, Kinouani uniquely examines the psychological and psychic factors involved in the reproduction of ‘whiteness’ and reveals how these intersect with race dynamics, race inequality and racial violence.

Policy Press

When Social Workers Impact Policy and Don’t Just Implement It

A Framework for Understanding Policy Engagement

Rather than being seen simply as social policy implementors, in recent decades there has been recognition of the unique insights that social workers can bring to policy formulation. This book offers a theoretical framework for understanding why social workers engage in policy, and the implications for research, education and practice.

Policy Press

What Is War For?

This book examines how changes to social rules reshape how states explain their military actions, and changes to technology and society transform contemporary warfare. Analysing the role that war serves in global politics, it outlines the ways in which war affects the contemporary world, from international relations to our day-to-day lives.

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