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Human rights and civil rights

Human rights and civil rights are one of the most important and fundamental parts of our society, offering guarantees of equal social opportunities and equal protection under the law, regardless of race, religion, gender or other personal characteristics. However these rights are not always universally upheld, leading to extereme injustices around the world.

The books below explore these rights and the impact being denied these rights can have on both individuals and societies. 

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Disabled people and European human rights

A review of the implications of the 1998 Human Rights Act for disabled children and adults in the UK

In the year 2000, the Human Rights Act 1998 came into force. This book reviews the implications of the Act for disabled people.

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Women in transition

A study of the experiences of Bangladeshi women living in Tower Hamlets

The Bangladeshi population is the fastest growing ethnic group within the UK. Despite this, Bangladeshis in Britain are an under-researched group. This is especially true of the women in this community. Women in transition examines, in-depth and for the first time, Bangladeshi women's domestic and community lives.

Policy Press

Spreading the 'burden'?

A review of policies to disperse asylum seekers and refugees

This topical book outlines the expressed rationale for dispersal policies, reviews how such policies have been implemented in the UK, Netherlands and Sweden, identifies good practice and challenges the need for dispersal. Related titles include 'Doing research with refugees' and 'Refugee community organisations and dispersal'.

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The ethics of welfare

Human rights, dependency and responsibility

Edited by Hartley Dean

Britain's New Labour government claims to support the cause of human rights. At the same time, it claims that we can have no rights without responsibility and that dependency on the state is irresponsible. The ethics of welfare offers a critique of this paradox and discusses the ethical conundrum it implies for the future of social welfare.

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Immigration and homelessness in Europe

This book makes a timely contribution to the current political and policy debate on immigration to Europe. Set within the context of immigrant social exclusion and marginalisation, it examines in detail the problematic relationship between migrants, their access to adequate housing and increasing vulnerability to homelessness.

Policy Press

Refugee community organisations and dispersal

Networks, resources and social capital

Despite increased political and public interest in asylum issues in the UK, little has been written on the topic. This book, written by leading experts in the field, is the first to examine the role of refugee community organisations (RCOs) at a critical point of policy change.

Policy Press

Migration and social mobility

The life chances of Britain's minority ethnic communities

Creating a more open society and improving race equality are core current policy concerns and understanding the roles of class and ethnicity in determining life chances is critical. This report aids such understanding by investigating the impact of class background and ethnicity on class position. Free PDF available at www.jrf.org.uk

Policy Press

Doing research with refugees

Issues and guidelines

This book is the first specifically to explore methodological issues relating to the involvement of refugees in both service evaluation and development and research. It builds on a two-year seminar series funded by the ESRC where the participants jointly drew up a set of good practice guidelines that are re-produced in the book for the first time.

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Migration and socioeconomic change

A 2001 Census analysis of Britain's larger cities

Migration and socioeconomic change brings new evidence to debates on urban regeneration in Britain: are we seeing urban renaissance, or is there city flight? This study examines 27 of the largest cities and city regions to find out whether they attract the talented people that they need to prosper.

A free pdf is available at www.jrf.org.uk

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Understanding immigration and refugee policy

Contradictions and continuities

The book provides an essential background to understanding debates surrounding immigration and refugee policy. It examines different theoretical approaches to immigration and explores links between immigration policy, welfare and social exclusion, as well as documenting migrants' experiences in negotiating and challenging these policies.

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Immigration under New Labour

Immigration under New Labour presents the first comprehensive account of immigration policy over the last ten years, providing an in-depth analysis of policy and legislation since Tony Blair and New Labour were first elected.

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Beyond the workfare state

Labour markets, equalities and human rights

"Beyond the workfare state" explores equality, discrimination and human rights in relation to employability and 'welfare-to-work' policies bringing together a wide and distinctive range of illustrative studies that gives voice to a variety of potentially marginalised groups.

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