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LGBTQIA+ rights

The LGBTQIA+ community has historically be marginalised and discriminated, and even now the community is consistently threatened, vilified and segregated by some sections of society.

As a publisher for social justice, we see it as part of our mission to showcase important research which highlights the communities' history, culture, rights and social movements, and show solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Bristol University Press and Policy Press are signed up to the UN SDG Publishers Compact. In this cross-cutting theme, we aim to address the following goal:

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Queering Science Communication

Representations, Theory, and Practice

Written by leading experts, this collection examines representations of queerness in popular science and media, asks what it means for the field to ‘queer’ science communication theories and research agendas and offers practical examples and case studies for fostering radical inclusivity and equity in the science communication field.

Bristol Uni Press

HIV, Gender and the Politics of Medicine

Embodied Democracy in the Global South

Drawing on 20 years of ethnographic and policy research in South Africa, Brazil and India, this book highlights the value of understanding the embodied and political dimensions of health policy and reveals the networked threads that weave women’s precarity into the governance of technologies and the technologies of governance.

Bristol Uni Press
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The Disney Princess Phenomenon

A Feminist Analysis

Robyn Muir provides an examination of the worldwide Disney Princess commercial and cultural phenomenon in its key representations: films, merchandising and marketing, and park experiences. The book provides a lens through which to view and understand how this franchise has contributed to the depiction of femininity within popular culture.

Bristol Uni Press

HIV, Sex and Sexuality in Later Life

Drawing on international perspectives and research, this book explores the experiences of sex and sexuality in individuals and groups living with HIV in later life (50+).

Policy Press

Drag as Marketplace

Contemporary Cultures, Identities and Business

Now a multi-million-dollar industry blending art, politics, and entertainment, drag's popularity has soared in recent years. Yet, despite its rise as a consumer product, research exploring the intersection of drag and markets remains scarce. This interdisciplinary collection fills that void, exploring drag's market impact.

Bristol Uni Press
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Intersex Embodiment

Legal Frameworks beyond Identity and Disorder

This book examines the divergent medical, political and legal constructions of intersex. The authors use empirical data to explore how intersex people are embodied through these frameworks which in turn influence their lived experiences.

Bristol Uni Press

Queer Politics in Contemporary Turkey

Drawing on the words and stories of queer Turkish activists, this book aims to unravel the complexities of queer lives in Turkey. In doing so, it challenges dominant conceptualizations of the queer Turkish experience within critical security discourses.

Bristol Uni Press

Desexualisation in Later Life

The Limits of Sex and Intimacy

Challenging stereotypes, this volume investigates the experiential and theoretical landscapes of older people’s sexual intimacies, practices and pleasures. Contributors explore the impact of desexualisation and distinguish the challenges older people face from the prejudices imposed on them.

Policy Press

Sex and Diversity in Later Life

Critical Perspectives

Addressing diversity in sexual and intimate experience later in life (50+), this collection explores how being older intersects with ethnicity, gender, sexuality and class. This original text extends knowledge concerning intimacies, practices and pleasures for those thought to represent normative forms of sexual identification and expression.

Policy Press

Later Life, Sex and Intimacy in the Majority World

This book challenges Western-centric views on sex in later life by exploring diverse cultures from the majority world. It advocates learning from overlooked perspectives and dismantling stereotypes about their sexual conservatism. It critiques cultural binaries, emphasising the need to decentre Western perspectives as the benchmark.

Policy Press
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The Degree Generation

The Making of Unequal Graduate Lives

This book traces the transition to the graduate labour market of a cohort of middle-class and working-class young people. Using personal stories and voices, it provides fascinating insights into their experience of graduate employment and how their life-course transitions are shaped by their social backgrounds and education.

Bristol Uni Press

Intersections of Ageing, Gender and Sexualities

Multidisciplinary International Perspectives

This edited collection examines ageing, gender, and sexualities from multidisciplinary and geographically diverse perspectives and looks at how these factors combine with other social divisions to affect experiences of ageing.

Policy Press