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LGBTQIA+ rights

The LGBTQIA+ community has historically be marginalised and discriminated, and even now the community is consistently threatened, vilified and segregated by some sections of society.

As a publisher for social justice, we see it as part of our mission to showcase important research which highlights the communities' history, culture, rights and social movements, and show solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Bristol University Press and Policy Press are signed up to the UN SDG Publishers Compact. In this cross-cutting theme, we aim to address the following goal:

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Wronged and Dangerous

Viral Masculinity and the Populist Pandemic

Recent years have seen the rapid spread of far-right movements across the globe via aggrieved manhood, disguised as right-wing populism. Wronged and Dangerous refocuses divisions towards shared human interests and offers new ways to engage with the challenges of our time.

Bristol Uni Press

What Are Museums For?

Museums today are a cultural battleground. Jon Sleigh maintains that museums must be for all people and inclusion must be at the heart of everything they do. He uses museum objects from different museums to explore trust-building, representation, digital access, conflicting narratives, removal from display and restitution.

Bristol Uni Press
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The Unfinished Revolution

Voices from the Global Fight for Women's Rights

Edited by Minky Worden

The unfinished revolution: Voices from the global fight for women's rights tells the legal and political history of the battle to secure basic rights for women and girls with essays by more than 30 writers, activists, policymakers and human rights experts, and contributions from women who have been victims of human rights abuses.

Policy Press

Understanding Trans Health

Discourse, Power and Possibility

Addressing urgent challenges and debates in trans health, this book interweaves patient voices with social theory and autobiography, offering an innovative look at how shifting language, patient mistrust, waiting lists and professional power shape clinical encounters, and exploring what a better future might look like for trans patients.

Policy Press

Transgender in the Post-Yugoslav Space

Lives, Activisms, Culture

This powerful book documents the unspoken stories of a diversity of gender embodiments across the post-Yugoslav states, uncovering how they have navigated the murky waters of war, racism, capitalism and transphobia.

Policy Press

TransForming gender

Transgender practices of identity, intimacy and care

This book is a major contribution to contemporary gender and sexuality studies, addressing changing government legislation concerning the citizenship rights of transgender people.

Policy Press

Trafficking Chains

Modern Slavery in Society

This book offers a theory of trafficking and modern slavery with implications for policy. Going beyond polarised debates on the sex trade, this book shows the importance of coercion and the societal complexities that perpetuate modern slavery.

Bristol Uni Press

The Sociology of Emotions

Feminist, Cultural and Sociological Perspectives

This book offers a comprehensive overview of the field of the Sociology of Emotions, incorporating sociological, feminist and cultural perspectives. It will be essential reading for researchers and students seeking a current and interdisciplinary resource covering a wide range of international material in the field of Sociology of Emotions.

Bristol Uni Press
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Social Work and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans People

Making a Difference

This important textbook examines how practitioners and student social workers can provide appropriate care for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people across the lifespan (including work with children and families and older people) and considers key challenges in social work practice.

Policy Press

The Short Guide to Gender

This accessible guide provides readers with an introduction to the key concepts and main developments in gender studies. Highlighting the importance of gender in the contemporary world, it is an ideal overview for students and professionals alike.

Policy Press


Personal lives and social policy

Edited by Jean Carabine

This book explores the choices that we make about our sexuality and their effect our personal lives. It analyses how social policy informs and responds to such choices through an examination of normative assumptions about sexuality and its role in forming, regulating and constituting welfare subjects, discourses, theories, provisions and practices.

Policy Press

Sex/Gender and Self-Determination

Policy Developments in Law, Health and Pedagogical Contexts

This book presents a poignant account of the current policy approaches to self-determining sex and gender in the UK and beyond, showing how legal, medical and pedagogical policy developments are interconnected, and how policy is affected by transgender and diverse gender experiences and activism.

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