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Mental health and wellbeing

From the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of society as a whole, to more specific and personal instances, mental health and wellbeing need to be researched and studied from a range of disciplines in order to be fully understood. 

The books collected here reflect these different approaches, from sociological explanations of mental illness, to safeguarding to explorations of children's mental health in a digital age.

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Youth Work

Improving the Lives of Young People and Communities

Policy Press
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Young people and 'risk'

Alongside the current media preoccupation with high risk offenders, there has been a shift towards a greater focus on risk and public protection in UK criminal justice policy. This report draws together a distinguished panel to consider both the theory and application of the risk concept in work with young people and young adults that offend.

Policy Press

Young and Lonely

The Social Conditions of Loneliness

This book addresses important questions about tackling today’s epidemic of loneliness among young people, exploring experiences of loneliness in early life and considering how social conditions of austerity, precarity, inequality and competitive pressures to succeed can dramatically influence these feelings.

Policy Press

Work, Health and Wellbeing

The Challenges of Managing Health at Work

This multi-disciplinary volume brings together original research from diverse disciplinary backgrounds investigating how we can define and operationalise a bio-psychosocial model of ill-health to improve work participation in middle and later life.

Policy Press

What Are the Olympics For?

While attention is on Olympic triumphs and tribulations, there is much that goes on behind the scenes that is deeply troubling. Boykoff tells us that radical steps are required if the Games are to be fixed and only then will they be truly ‘athletes first’.

Bristol Uni Press

The Well-Being of Children in the UK

This is the classic assessment of the state of child well-being in the UK. This fourth edition has been updated to review the latest evidence, including the impact of the economic crisis and austerity measures since 2008. An essential resource.

Policy Press

Understanding Mental Distress

Knowledge, Practice and Neoliberal Reform in Community Mental Health Services

This timely analysis sets out the full impacts of policy reform, austerity and marketisation on our country’s mental health services. Rooted in the experiences of service users and providers, it provides valuable perspectives on our evolving practical and organisational responses to mental distress.

Policy Press

Trusting on the Edge

Managing Uncertainty and Vulnerability in the Midst of Serious Mental Health Problems

This book explores issues central to contemporary theoretical debates around the nature of trust, linking abstract concerns to empirical analysis with interviews with service-users, practitioners and managers.

Policy Press

Sustainable Hedonism

A Thriving Life that Does Not Cost the Earth

Drawing on modern science and ancient Greek philosophy, this book calls on us to explore our collective and personal convictions about success and good life. It challenges the mainstream worldview, rooted in economics, that equates happiness with pleasure, and encourages greed, materialism, egoism and disconnection.

Bristol Uni Press

Supporting New Digital Natives

Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing in a Hi-Tech Age

How can we support children’s and young people’s mental wellbeing in a digital age? This essential guide for improving wellbeing offers practical ideas for parents/carers and professionals working with children.

Policy Press

Supporting Children when Parents Separate

Embedding a Crisis Intervention Approach within Family Justice, Education and Mental Health Policy

A fresh approach to supporting children who experience parental separation and divorce. Murch argues for preventative intervention which responds to children's worries when they first present them, without waiting until things have gone badly wrong.

Policy Press

Social Work in Wales

Essential reading for students and practicing social workers in Wales, this book is the first to examine what makes the Welsh context unique, including the move towards joint children, families and adult provision and the emphasis on early intervention partnership considerations.

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