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Participation and co-production

It's becoming ever clearer that collaboration and participation at both local and global levels are essential if we are to make progress towards the UN SDGs. This is particualry relevant in the context of inclusion in research and policy creation.

The work we publish in this area covers theory, policy, practice and research methods to establish how more participatory approaches may be achieved.

Bristol University Press and Policy Press are signed up to the UN SDG Publishers Compact. In this cross-cutting theme, we aim to address the following goal:

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Horizontal Development

Shifting Power and Privilege in Aid

Providing an overview of emerging and evolving forms of development, including technology for development, faith-based aid and South-South humanitarianism, this book explores to what extent they disrupt existing models and how they can lead to more equitable and grassroots-led approaches.

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Decolonising Community Education and Development

Understanding the Past, Learning for the Future

It is vital that we decolonise community education and development – learning from the past in order to challenge current discrimination and oppression more effectively . In this book, Marjorie Mayo identifies ways of developing more inclusive policies and practices, working towards social justice for the future.

Critical Research and Creative Practice with Migrant and Refugee Communities

Towards interventions based on practice research and community voices

Drawing on the voices and experiences of refugees, activists and professional practitioners, this collection illustrates the complexities of migration with real world case studies, and the possibilities of innovative therapeutic interventions.

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The Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland

This compelling book underscores the significance of the Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland, making a significant contribution to the literature and proposing recommendations on how it could enhance both its efficiency and its reputation.

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Science Societies

Resources for Life in a Technoscientific World

Scientific and technical expertise, now largely understood as the ultimate source of authoritative knowledge, are vital to how our societies operate. This punchy introduction to thinking about science-society relations draws on research and concepts to argue for the importance of knowing.

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Researching Justice

Engaging with Questions and Spaces of (In)Justice through Social Research

Understanding justice, for many, begins with questions of injustice. Giving insights into real life research practices for scholars at all levels, this book aids our understanding of how to employ and live justice through our work and daily lives.

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Boundaries of Queerness

Homonationalism and Racial Politics in Sweden

This book explores how race, sexuality and gender are employed in political projects of belonging, whilst examining the implications for individual identity formation, in the context of Sweden.

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Reimagining Age-Friendly Communities

Urban Ageing and Spatial Justice

How can we design, develop and adapt urban environments to better meet the needs of an increasingly diverse ageing population?  This book highlights the urgent need to address inequalities that shape the experience of ageing in urban environments, and demonstrates that despite obstacles, meaningful social change is achievable locally.

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Social Work and Social Innovation

Emerging Trends and Challenges for Practice, Policy and Education in Europe

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Urban Informality

An Introduction

This book provides an introductory overview to the concept of ‘urban informality’, taking an international perspective across the global North and South. It explores theoretical understandings of the term, and looks at how it affects ways of living, such as land use, housing and basic services, working lives and political informality.

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Co-creation in Public Services for Innovation and Social Justice

Available Open Access digitally under CC-BY licence.. Informed by practical action, lived experience and international research, this book shines new light on the theory and reality of co-creation, highlighting the possibilities and potential in a range of contexts through practical service dilemmas and lived experience.

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Key Issues in African Diplomacy

Developments and Achievements

Africa’s unique position as an international diplomatic actor has not always been given the attention it deserves. This volume bridges this gap by offering a fresh, comprehensive and realistic overview of African diplomacy.

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