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Participation and co-production

It's becoming ever clearer that collaboration and participation at both local and global levels are essential if we are to make progress towards the UN SDGs. This is particualry relevant in the context of inclusion in research and policy creation.

The work we publish in this area covers theory, policy, practice and research methods to establish how more participatory approaches may be achieved.

Bristol University Press and Policy Press are signed up to the UN SDG Publishers Compact. In this cross-cutting theme, we aim to address the following goal:

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Youth Participation in Europe

Beyond Discourses, Practices and Realities

This timely book offers a fresh look at youth participation: examining official and unofficial constructions of participation by young people in a range of socio-political domains.

Policy Press

Young People’s Participation

Revisiting Youth and Inequalities in Europe

This book explores how young people across different European contexts participate in decision-making and foster changes on issues that concern them and their communities, giving new insights into discourses on young people’s as active citizens across Europe.

Policy Press

Working futures?

Disabled people, policy and social inclusion

Working futures? looks at the current effectiveness and future scope for enabling policy in the field of disability and employment.

Policy Press

Women’s Activism Behind the Screens

Trade Unions and Gender Inequality in the British Film and Television Industries

Frances C. Galt explores the role of trade unions and women’s activism in the British film and television industries in this important contribution to debates around gender inequality.

Bristol Uni Press

Women, Media, and Elections

Representation and Marginalization in British Politics

Providing a systematic analysis of electoral coverage in newspapers since 1918, this book demonstrates that for women to be effectively represented in the political domain, they must also be effectively represented in the public discussion of politics that takes place in the media.

Bristol Uni Press

Why Citizen Participation Succeeds or Fails

A Comparative Analysis of Participatory Budgeting

Matt Ryan draws on ten years of research to deliver this landmark comparative review of participatory budgeting, or collective decisions on spending and taxation around the world. With examples of both positive change and notable failure, the book shows when and why citizens achieve this, and how policy makers can foster democratic engagement.

Bristol Uni Press

Who’s Afraid of Political Education?

The Challenge to Teach Civic Competence and Democratic Participation

Edited by Henry Tam

Experts on learning for democracy come together to explore why and how the gap in civic competence should be bridged. They make the case for a more effective form of political education that can enable citizens to learn to exert their influence over their government in an informed and meaningful manner.

Policy Press

What works in assessing community participation?

A document of the results of road-testing two frameworks for assessing community participation: Active partners: Benchmarking community involvement in regeneration (Yorkshire Forward, 2000) and Auditing community participation: An assessment handbook (The Policy Press, 2000).

Policy Press

What Matters and Who Matters to Young People Leaving Care

A New Approach to Planning

EPDF and EPUB are available open access under CC BY NC ND licence. This publication was supported by University of Essex's open access fund.

Peter Appleton builds on research interviews with care-experienced young adults, and on cross-disciplinary theories of planning and of emotions, to develop a model of planning for young people leaving care.

Policy Press

Valuing Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research

Beyond Impact

Edited by Keri Facer and Kate Pahl

Universities are increasingly taking an active role as research collaborators with citizens, public bodies, and community organisations but they, their funders and institutions struggle to articulate the value of this work. This book addresses the key challenges in collaborative research in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Policy Press

Using Participatory Methods to Explore Freedom of Religion and Belief

Whose Reality Counts?

Edited by Jo Howard and Mariz Tadros

EPDF and EPUB available Open Access under CC-BY-NC-ND licence. This book brings together reflections, knowledge and learning about the experiences of religious minorities. It showcases the participatory methodologies implemented by its contributors and highlights the importance of using non-extractive methods for engaging with participants.

Bristol Uni Press

Urban Informality

An Introduction

This book provides an introductory overview to the concept of ‘urban informality’, taking an international perspective across the global North and South. It explores theoretical understandings of the term, and looks at how it affects ways of living, such as land use, housing and basic services, working lives and political informality.

Bristol Uni Press
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