David Clapham

Professor of Planning at the University of Reading in the UK and Visiting Professor at IBF at the University of Uppsala in Sweden.


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Inhabitation in Nature

Houses, People and Practices

Rejecting the assumption that housing and cities are separate from nature, David Clapham advances a new research framework that integrates housing with the rest of the natural world. Demonstrating the impact of housing on the non-human environment, the book considers the future direction of inhabitation policies on climate change and biodiversity.

Policy Press

Accommodating Difference

Evaluating Supported Housing for Vulnerable People

This important book explores the impact of different forms of policy and practice on the lives of vulnerable people, arguing for a flexible policy approach that places people in control of their own lives and creates housing options that effectively improve the well-being of those who live in them.

Policy Press

The meaning of housing

A pathways approach

This book offers a fresh new approach to the study of housing, exploring the meaning that housing has for individuals and households by examining 'housing pathways'. Although drawing on British experiences, the methodology and theoretical framework used are applicable to the study of housing in any national context.

Policy Press