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Derek Birrell

Derek Birrell is Professor of Social Policy at the University of Ulster. He has written on policy making in health and social care, the civil service, devolution and social policy and administrative structures and policy.
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Transforming Adult Social Care

Contemporary Policy and Practice

This wide-ranging book is one of the first texts to deal with adult social care as a distinct entity and is an up to date source on contemporary government policies, debates and research.

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Social work in Northern Ireland

Conflict and change

Written in an accessible style, this book highlights the distinctive aspects of social work policy and practice in Northern Ireland.It will be essential reading for academics and students of social work and social policy in Northern Ireland and a valuable resource for practitioners and policy makers.

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The impact of devolution on social policy

With new devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, this book provides a study of developments in the major areas of social policy and a full comparison between the four UK nations.

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Delivering Social Welfare

Governance and Service Provision in the UK

Drawing on examples across a range of policy areas, this important new book examines the radically changing system of governance and delivery of social welfare in the UK and assesses how changes in social policy and governance interact in the delivery of social welfare.

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