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Francis O'Connor

Francis O’Connor is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Aarhus. He is currently working on patterns of Lone Actor radicalization on the PRIME project. He defended his PhD thesis "Armed Social Movements and Insurgency. The PKK and its Communities of Support" at the European University Institute in 2014. His research interests include political violence, social movements, ethno-national mobilization, labour politics and Middle East politics with a particular focus on matters related to Kurdistan and Turkey. He obtained an MSc in Middle East Politics from SOAS in 2009.
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Social Movements and Referendums from Below

Direct Democracy in the Neoliberal Crisis

Social movements formed in response to austerity measures have played an increasingly important role in referendums. The book uses unique case studies to illustrate the ways the social movements have affected the referendums’ dynamic and results. It also addresses the way in which participation from below has had a transformative impact.

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