Gary Craig

Gary Craig is a Visiting Professor at the Law School, Newcastle University and at the University of York. He previously worked as a community development activist. He has researched and published widely in the fields of ‘poverty, ‘race’ and ethnicity and modern slavery; He co-convenes the national network Modern Slavery Research Consortium.


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The role of compacts in local governance

This report is the first evaluation of the structural means by which the meaning of partnership is being operationalised at local level, through the development of local compacts. Using detailed case studies of the development of compacts, the report highlights some of the major barriers to, and key lessons for, effective partnership working

Policy Press

Social justice and public policy

Seeking fairness in diverse societies

This important book explores the meaning of social justice and examines how it translates into the everyday concerns of public and social policy.

Policy Press

Child slavery now

A contemporary reader

Edited by Gary Craig

Around 210 million children are still in slavery today. This groundbreaking book shows why they remain locked in slavery, the ways in which they are exploited and how they can be emancipated. It also reminds us that all consumers are implicated in modern childhood slavery.

Policy Press

The community development reader

History, themes and issues

This unique Reader traces the changing fortunes of community development through a selection of readings from key writers.

Policy Press

Community Organising against Racism

'Race', Ethnicity and Community Development

Edited by Gary Craig

Gary Craig and his contributors blend theory and practice-based case studies to review how different community development approaches can empower minority ethnic communities to confront racism and overcome social, economic and political disadvantage.

Policy Press

The Modern Slavery Agenda

Policy, Politics and Practice

Modern slavery is growing despite the introduction of laws to try to stem it. This is the first book critically to assess the legislation, using evidence from across the field, and to offer strategies for improvement in policy and practice.

Policy Press

Understanding 'Race' and Ethnicity

Theory, History, Policy, Practice

This new edition of a widely-respected textbook examines welfare policy and racism, alongside institutional racism and community cohesion within a broad policy framework.

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