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Gender and Sociology

Series Editors: Sue Scott, Newcastle University, UK and Stevi Jackson, Centre for Women's Studies, University of York, UK

Showcasing high quality research, this series provides a platform for distinctively sociological scholarship that advances the study of gender across the contemporary world. The series is international in scope and diverse in the issues covered, recognising that all aspects of social life are gendered or have some gender dimension.  

We are interested in publishing work that is innovative, whether theoretically or empirically, from both established and early career researchers. We welcome proposals that address one or more of the following: debates and controversies in the field; aspects of social change and continuity; pressing social issues including injustices of gender, class and race, as well as work focusing on everyday dimensions of gender relations and gendered identities.

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Contact regarding proposals
If you would like to submit a proposal, or to discuss ideas, then please contact Sue Scott (sue.scott@newcastle.ac.uk), Stevi Jackson (stevi.jackson@york.ac.uk) and Shannon Kneis (shannon.kneis@bristol.ac.uk). Download the proposal guidelines.

International editorial advisory board

  • Susanne Y. P. Choi, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Meihua Chen, National Sun Yat Sen University, Taiwan
  • Sara Crawley, South Florida University, US
  • James Farrer, Sophia University, Japan
  • Nayoung Lee, Chung Ang University, South Korea
  • Nishi Mitra, TISS, Mumbai, India
  • Pei Yuxin, Sun Yat Sen University, China
  • Kopano Ratele, UNISA/MRC, South Africa
  • Rosemary Du Plessis, Canterbury University, New Zealand
  • Ann Phoenix, University College London, UK
  • Ayse Saktanber, Middle East Technical University Ankara, Turkey
  • Raffaella Ferrero Camoletto, University of Turin, Italy
  • Momin Rahmin, Trent University, Canada Elina Oinas, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Miriam Adelman, Federal University of Paraná, Brazil Kristen Schilt, University of Chicago, US
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Austerity, Women and the Role of the State

Lived Experiences of the Crisis

Delivering a timely account of the misconceptions of policies, discourses and representations around austerity in the UK, Dabrowski illustrates the complex ways through which austerity is experienced by women in their everyday lives.

Bristol Uni Press

Sharing Milk

Intimacy, Materiality and Bio-Communities of Practice

Using a bio-communities of practice framework, this thought-provoking empirical analysis explores the emotional and material dimensions of the growing phenomenon of milk sharing in the Global North and its implications for contemporary understandings of infant feeding in the US, providing new insights into a much-debated topic.

Bristol Uni Press

Work, Labour and Cleaning

The Social Contexts of Outsourcing Housework

Outsourcing of domestic work in the UK has been steadily rising since the 1970s, but little research has considered White British women. This book argues that outsourced domestic cleaning can either be done as mental and manual skilled work or as manual and ‘natural’ emotional/affective labour, depending on the work conditions.

Bristol Uni Press