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Global Asian Political Economy series

Series Editor: Salvatore Babones, University of Sydney

The economic globalisation of the last forty years has been driven mainly by the integration of East Asia into the larger global economy. Global value chains have come to span multiple national borders as never before, and Asia continues to play a leading role in shaping the structure of the global economy and its governance. Despite widespread acknowledgement that the world has changed, there is still a relative lack of integrative academic studies of Asia’s economic integration and Asia’s role in the global economy.

Global Asian Political Economy will publish work which focuses on the articulation between Asia and the global economy. Interdisciplinary in its scope, the series will publish monographs and edited volumes which place the Asian experience in a global context. It will be of interest to academics and students in a wide range of disciplines and subject areas.

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Call for proposals

If you would like to submit a proposal, or to discuss ideas, then please contact Bristol University Press editor Paul Stevens: paul.stevens@bristol.ac.uk