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Conflict, security and peace

Addressing UN Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, the books and journal articles we publish in this area focus on the impact of vast power differentials and the issues that need to be addressed as a threat to human rights and international security, including conflict based migration and political instability. 

Our aim is to publish innovative research that supports finding ways to protect groups that can be an easy target for violence and discrimination.

Bristol University Press and Policy Press are signed up to the UN SDG Publishers Compact. In Conflict, security and peace, we aim to address the following goal:

SDG Publishers compact logoSDG 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

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Policy Analysis in Brazil

Policy analysis in Brazil is the first book to paint a comprehensive panorama of policy analysis activities in Brazil. It brings together 18 studies by leading Brazilian social scientists on policy analysis as a widespread activity and offers key insights into the practice of this field.

Policy Press

Rethinking Peace Mediation

Challenges of Contemporary Peacemaking Practice

Written by international practitioners and scholars, this pioneering work offers insights into the peace mediation practice and explains how multifaceted assistance has become an indispensable part of it. With its policy focus and real-world examples, this is a go-to resource for researchers and advisers involved in peace processes.

Bristol Uni Press

Asian Military Evolutions

Civil–Military Relations in Asia

Edited by Alan Chong and Nicole Jenne

This book explores civil-military relations in Asia. With chapters on individual countries in the region, it provides a comprehensive account of the range of contemporary Asian practices under conditions of abridged democracy, soft authoritarianism or complete totalitarianism.

Bristol Uni Press

The Coalition Government and Social Policy

Restructuring the Welfare State

A wide-range of experts respond to the political and social policy changes made under the UK coalition government (2010-15) and provide a critical assessment of how their policies affected the British welfare state.

Policy Press

How Europe Shapes British Public Policy

How Europe shapes British public policy examines the development of the EU as a sectarian issue in the UK. It discusses the effects of disengagement through the political practices of policy making and the implications that this has had for depoliticisation in government and the civil service.

Policy Press

Voluntary Sector in Transition

Hard Times or New Opportunities?

The voluntary sector in transition explores the extensive growth and re-shaping of the voluntary sector following sweeping changes to social and welfare policy over 30 years.

Policy Press


Machines of possibility

How did partnerships come to emerge almost everywhere and at almost the same time? What is the inner logic of partnerships? And at what point does that logic begin to break down? This book improves our understanding of the shifting ground on which partnerships and agreements must be reached in today's hyper-complex society.

Policy Press

Environmental Anarchy?

Security in the 21st Century

This book explains why insecurity has become such a ubiquitous feature of life in the 21st century and why policymakers, strategic analysts and many scholars are failing to recognise or address its underlying causes.

Bristol Uni Press

Social Determinants of Health in Europe

Direct and Indirect Consequences of War

Edited by Adrian Bonner

Drawing on the perspectives of women and children displaced from Ukraine, as well as local authority policy makers and service providers, this book provides a unique view of the direct and indirect consequences of war in Europe and identifies the best responses to these ‘wicked issues’.

Policy Press
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Narrating China and Europe in Uncertain Times

Unravelling the narratives surrounding EU–China relations, this book sheds light on how these diverse and often contradictory perspectives can play a crucial role in shaping decisions and warns of their influence on policy making.

Bristol Uni Press
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Security, Strategy, and Military Dynamics in the South China Sea

Cross-National Perspectives

Bringing together international experts, this collection provides fresh perspectives on geopolitical concerns in the South China Sea. It is an accessible, even-handed examination of current and future rivalries and challenges in one of the most strategically important and militarized maritime regions of the world.

Bristol Uni Press

Calibrating Colonial Crime

Reparations and The Crime of Unjust Enrichment

Examining the harmful effects of colonisation, this book highlights the law's crucial role in driving real change. Eminent scholar Joshua Castellino proposes a five-point strategy to create a fairer system through innovative reparations and heal our planet.

Bristol Uni Press
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