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The health inequalities in our society, especially when taken internationally, are stark and have been revealed and made worse by COVID-19. Health literacy around the world is irregular, particularly in communities that struggle to even get basic access to healthcare, and the long-term links between poverty and health are becoming more evident.

Focussing on UN Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing, our publishing in this area examines the issues and looks towards providing solutions. Our COVID-19 Collection, for example, showcases our content on the pandemic, in order to encourage broader perspectives and collaborations across global and disciplinary boundaries.

Bristol University Press and Policy Press are signed up to the UN SDG Publishers Compact. In Health and wellbeing, we aim to address the following goal:

SDG Publishers compact logoSDG 3: Good health and well-being

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Public Health and International Economic Law

Preventing Non-communicable Diseases and Promoting Better Health for All

This book tackles crucial and timely questions regarding the impact of international trade and investment law on state regulatory autonomy in crafting and executing measures to prevent non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Bristol Uni Press
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Embracing Uncertainty

How writers, musicians and artists thrive in an unpredictable world

It has never been more necessary for us to become actors in our own future. Margaret Heffernan argues for the vital integration of art into all aspects of our lives and for artists to guide us.

Policy Press

Envisioning Abolition

Socialism, Anarchism and Penal Abolitionism in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth centuries

Abolitionist thought visualises a world without prisons – or a radical reduction or transformation of prisons and punishment. This fascinating book explores the abolitionist ideas of key early socialists and anarchists, showing how their ideas can assist those engaging in emancipatory struggles against penal and social injustice today.

Bristol Uni Press
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Youth Work

Improving the Lives of Young People and Communities

This book assesses the impact of a unique youth and community space in East London, created to support local young people in addressing the challenges in their lives. It gives clear and practical evidence of the significant benefits of open access youth work, with guidance on replicating best practice in similar urban environments.

Policy Press

Diverse Voices in Health Law and Ethics

Important Perspectives

This book illuminates the often-overlooked perspectives of marginalized communities within health law. It reveals that the prevailing narrative in health law may not adequately safeguard the interests of minority groups and advocates for the integration of health inequality studies into healthcare law education.

Bristol Uni Press

The Short Guide to Mental Health

A concise introduction to important concepts and debates in the field of mental health, Deirdre Heenan and Jennifer Betts bring together different stakeholders’ perspectives to explore contemporary issues around the prevalence, cost and determinants of mental illness, and responding attitudes and services, for a comprehensive and accessible primer.

Policy Press

Advancing Health Rights Through Community Development and Participatory Praxis

In our post-pandemic world, the international community and national governments are searching for new solutions to build healthy and resilient societies. This timely book focuses on community participation in building healthier populations, with practical examples from the Global North and South.

Policy Press

Fairer Welfare Systems for Better Mental Health

A New State of Mind

Focusing on three key areas: prevention, support and investment, this book argues that tackling poverty and financial insecurity through well-designed social security systems could offer a new focus for improving our collective mental health.

Policy Press

Vulnerabilities in Paid Care Work

Transnational Experiences, Insights and Voices

This book explores the recent experiences of diverse paid care workers in four very different national contexts – Finland, Canada, South Africa and England – to learn from their experiences during COVID-19 and its aftermath.

Policy Press

Menstrual Myth Busting

The Case of the Hormonal Female

Despite being a widely recognised phenomenon, PMS remains difficult to define clinically, with no universally agreed diagnostic criteria or shortlist of deterministic symptoms. This book aims to accurately define and explain cyclical experiences and debunk the myth of the hysterical female, once and for all.

Policy Press

The Development of Child Protection Systems and Practice in Low to Middle Income Countries

A first of its kind, this book explores child protection systems in non-Western, low- and middle-income countries, offering a descriptive, yet analytical, account of the development and current stage of practice in twelve different countries.

Policy Press

Paradoxes of PrEP for HIV Prevention

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a drug taken by HIV-negative people that reduces the risk of getting HIV. Comparing two case studies in Denmark and Zimbabwe, this book demonstrates six paradoxes that users often encounter in navigating their PrEP journey.

Policy Press
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