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Reflecting on UN Sustainable Development Goal 9: Industries, Innovation and Infrastructure, Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities and Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, our list looks at the potential for innovation and creative solutions to global social problems, whilst critically engaging with the risks, such as worsened social inequality and damage to human rights.

Subjects covered include the development of sustainable technology to help combat climate change, the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse data more efficiently, the way social media creates a space for people to organise international social activism and the need to balance our digital lives and retain data sovereignty, especially for the most vulnerable in society.

Bristol University Press and Policy Press are signed up to the UN SDG Publishers Compact. In Technology, data and innovation, we aim to address the following goals:

SDG Publishers compact logoSDG 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructureSDG 10: Reduced inequalitiesSDG 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

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Work and Alienation in the Platform Economy

Amazon and the Power of Organization

Drawing on interviews with Amazon workers and original empirical data, this book explores how different working conditions estrange and alienate workers, and how, despite these, workers find ways to organize and express their agency. This is an important analysis of work on the digital shop floor for the scholars of platform economy.

Bristol Uni Press

We Have Always Been Cyborgs

Digital Data, Gene Technologies, and an Ethics of Transhumanism

This visionary new book explores the critical issues that link transhumanism with digitalisation, gene technologies and ethics. It examines the history and meaning of transhumanism, offering insightful reflections on values, norms and utopia.

Bristol Uni Press

Varieties of Precarity

Melting Labour and the Failure to Protect Workers in the Korean Welfare State

Based on in-depth interviews with over 80 precarious workers in Korea, this book introduces the concept of ‘melting labour’ and provides a real depiction of how workers lose control over their lives and experience precariousness in labour markets.

Policy Press

Understanding Abuse in Young People’s Intimate Relationships

Female Perspectives on Power, Control and Gendered Social Norms

Gender-based violence is explored from the perspective of young women in this essential guide for those working with young people.

Policy Press

Transport Truths

Planning Methods and Ethics for Global Futures

Ideal for researchers and practitioners looking for fresh approaches to transport problems, this book combines cutting-edge qualitative and qualitative knowledge to inform transport futures. It uses engaging case studies based in The Gambia and the US to show how and why a transdisciplinary approach can result in better planning decisions.

Bristol Uni Press
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The Tensions of Algorithmic Thinking

Automation, Intelligence and the Politics of Knowing

In this pioneering book, David Beer redefines emergent algorithmic technologies as the new systems of knowing. He examines the acute tensions they create and how they are changing what is known and what is knowable.

Bristol Uni Press

Supporting New Digital Natives

Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing in a Hi-Tech Age

How can we support children’s and young people’s mental wellbeing in a digital age? This essential guide for improving wellbeing offers practical ideas for parents/carers and professionals working with children.

Policy Press

Strengthening Child Protection

Sharing Information in Multi-Agency Settings

What prompts information sharing and how do we get it right? This accessible book challenges widely held assumptions about information sharing in child welfare that facts about risks to children are clear and that sharing them with other professionals is a straightforward process.

Policy Press

Social Media and the Automatic Production of Memory

Classification, Ranking and the Sorting of the Past

Social media platforms hold vast amounts of data about our lives. Content from the past is increasingly being presented in the form of ‘memories’. Critically exploring this new form of memory making, this unique book asks how social media are beginning to change the way we remember.

Bristol Uni Press

Smart Borders, Digital Identity and Big Data

How Surveillance Technologies Are Used Against Migrants

In recent years, UN agencies, global tech corporations, states and humanitarian NGOs have invested in surveillance technologies to support migrant communities and streamline their management.

This book reveals the way in which they grant extensive powers to states and big tech corporations to control communities.

Bristol Uni Press

Slow Computing

Why We Need Balanced Digital Lives

Is it possible to experience the joy and benefits of computing in a way that asserts individual and collective autonomy?

Drawing on the ideas of the ‘slow movement’, Slow Computing sets out numerous practical and political means to take back control and counter the more pernicious effects of living digital lives.

Bristol Uni Press

Science, Belief and Society

International Perspectives on Religion, Non-Religion and the Public Understanding of Science

This wide-ranging book critically reviews the ways in which religious and non-religious belief systems interact with scientific methods, traditions and theories. Moving beyond the traditional focus on the United States, the book shows how debates about science and belief are firmly embedded in political conflict, class, community and culture.

Bristol Uni Press