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Youth Beyond the City

International Perspectives From the Periphery

Bristol Uni Press

International Organizations and Small States

Participation, Legitimacy and Vulnerability

This path-breaking book shows the efforts that small states have made to participate more fully in International Organizations (IOs). It highlights the challenges created by widened participation in IOs and develops a model of the dilemmas that both IOs and small states face as the norms of sovereign equality and the right to develop coincide.

Bristol Uni Press

Authoritarian Contagion

The Global Threat to Democracy

This innovative book uses examples from around the world to examine the spread of draconian and nationalistic forms of government - ‘authoritarian protectionism’ - which provides new insight into the changing nature of the authoritarian threat to democracy and how it might be overcome.

Bristol Uni Press

Grand Strategy in 10 Words

A Guide to Great Power Politics in the 21st Century

This book introduces ten key terms for analysing grand strategy and shows how the world’s great powers – the United States, China, Russia and the European Union (EU) – shape their strategic decisions today and shows how the choices made will determine the course of world politics in the first half of the 21st century.

Bristol Uni Press

Globalizing Regionalism and International Relations

Building on the recent initiative to truly globalise the field of International Relations, this book provides an innovative interrogation of regionalism.

Bristol Uni Press

The Idea of Civilization and the Making of the Global Order

Exploring the significance of Norbert Elias’s reflections on civilization for international relations, this book explains the working principles of an Eliasian approach to civilization and demonstrates how the interdependencies between state-formation, colonialism and an emergent international society shaped the European 'civilizing process.'

Bristol Uni Press

Property, Power and Politics

Why We Need to Rethink the World Power System

This revolutionary work rethinks globalization as a power system feeding from, and in competition with, the state system. In illuminating how the concentration of property rights within corporations led to the rejection of democracy and to the rise in inequality, Robé offers a clear pathway to a fairer and more sustainable power system.

Bristol Uni Press

Diffusing Human Trafficking Policy in Eurasia

Offering a perceptive study of the urgent human rights issue of trafficking in persons, this important book analyses the development and effectiveness of public policies across Eurasia.

Policy Press

Work and Health in India

This interdisciplinary work connects the transformation of India’s labour market with changes in health and health problems to offer an analysis that is unprecedented in scope and depth.

Policy Press