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Housing and Planning

We have a strong reputation for publishing in this area, demonstrated by our varied and solid backlist. Headed up by Brian Lund’s successful undergraduate textbook, Understanding housing policy (part of our Understanding Welfare series), our list reflects the dramatic shifts in housing and planning policies which have taken place over the last few decades and which are set to change significantly again in the current economic climate.

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Enabling participatory planning

Planning aid and advocacy in neoliberal times

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How to build houses and save the countryside

Focusing on house building and conservation politics in England, Spiers uses his considerable experience and extensive research to demonstrate why the current model doesn’t work, and why there needs to be both planning reform and a more active role for the state, including local government.

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Age-friendly cities and communities

A global perspective

This important book provides a comprehensive survey of different strategies for developing age-friendly communities, and the extent to which older people themselves can be involved in the co-production of age-friendly policies and practices.

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Understanding housing policy

Focusing on principles and theory and their application in the process of constructing housing policy, with boxed examples and case studies throughout, this fully revised 3rd edition addresses the range of socio-economic factors that have influenced UK housing policy in recent years.

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Infrastructure in Africa

Lessons for future development

This book presents a comprehensive exploration of the state of infrastructure in Africa and provides an integrated analysis of the challenges the sector faces, based on extensive fieldwork across the continent, providing an important resource for researchers, students, policymakers and NGOs.

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The essential guide to planning law

Decision-making and practice in the UK

Written in an accessible style, this comprehensive yet concise text book gives students essential background and contextual information supported by practical and applied discussion to help even those with no planning law knowledge engage in the subject and understand planning in the real world.

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Radical solutions to the housing supply crisis

This book analyses the roots of the current housing crisis in England, critically reviewing the development of policy under successive UK Governments and presenting a specific critique of the current Conservative Government’s housing and planning reforms.

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Localism and neighbourhood planning

Power to the people?

A critical analysis of neighbourhood planning. Setting empirical evidence from the UK against international examples, the Editors engage in broader debates on the purposes of planning and the devolution of power to localities.

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Housing politics in the United Kingdom

Power, planning and protest

As housing moves up the UK political agenda, Brian Lund uses insights from public choice theory, the new institutionalism and social constructionism to explore the political processes involved in constructing and implementing housing policy and its political consequences.

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Spatial planning and resilience following disasters

International and comparative perspectives

International contributors from academia, research, policy and practice use their experience and knowledge to explore on-going efforts to improve spatial resilience across the globe and predict future trends.

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Locating localism

Statecraft, citizenship and democracy

Combines political theory with attention to political practice to explore the development of localism as a new mode of statecraft. It highlights the challenges of the state devolving itself and the importance of citizens having the freedom, incentives and institutions needed to act.

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Substance not spin

An insider's view of success and failure in government

Based on his personal experience at the heart of government and the voluntary sector, Nick Raynsford, a former MP, Minister and campaigner, explores making and implementing policy and legislation. He gives an ‘insider’s view’ on a range of events, some not previously made public, making a fascinating bridge across the policy and practice divide.

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