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Ian Cummins

Ian Cummins is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work at Salford University. He qualified as a probation officer and subsequently worked as a mental health social worker. His research interests including the history of community care and mental health issues in the CJS. His most recent work has focused on poverty, inequality and advanced marginality.
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Social Work and Society

Political and Ideological Perspectives

This valuable book provides a comprehensive introduction to politics in social work, unifying the themes of political ideology and social construction across several areas of social work practice, including emerging areas of practice.

Policy Press

Mental Health Social Work Reimagined

This much-needed book calls for a return to mental health social work that has personal relationships and an emotional connection between workers and those experiencing distress at its core.

Policy Press

Poverty, Inequality and Social Work

The Impact of Neo-Liberalism and Austerity Politics on Welfare Provision

A critical analysis of the domino effect of neoliberalism and austerity on social work. Applying theory including those of Bourdieu and Wacquant to practice, it argues that social work should return to a focus on relational and community approaches.

Policy Press