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Jan Walmsley

Jan Walmsley is a historian of intellectual disability. In 1994 she founded the Social History of Learning Disability Research Group at the Open University, the leading organisation for the study of the history of intellectual disability. She is the author of numerous books and articles including Towards a Good Life for People with Intellectual Disabilities, published by Policy Press in 2010.
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People with intellectual disabilities

Towards a good life?

What does it mean to have a good life? Why has it proved so difficult for people with intellectual disabilities to live one? This important book explores these questions, provides an analysis of related policies and underpinning ideologies and looks to how a good life may be made more attainable.

Policy Press

Intellectual Disability in the Twentieth Century

Transnational Perspectives on People, Policy, and Practice

Bringing together accounts of how intellectual disability was viewed, managed and experienced in countries across the globe, the book examines the origins and nature of contemporary attitudes, policy and practice and sheds light on the challenges of implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCPRD).

Policy Press

Better Health in Harder Times

Active Citizens and Innovation on the Frontline

This book renews the collective compact that created our public services in the 1940s using voices from service users and service providers. Sections explore long-term conditions, service redesign, information technology, leadership, co-production and quality.

Policy Press