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Jenny Onyx

Jenny Onyx is Professor of Community Management in the Business School at the University Technology Sydney (UTS). She is Co-Director of Cosmopolitan Civil Societies research center, and former Editor of Third Sector Review. She is particularly concerned with issues of advocacy, social capital, volunteering and civil society and has published widely in these fields.


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Women's Emancipation and Civil Society Organisations

Challenging or Maintaining the Status Quo?

This collection examines the nexus between the emancipation of women, and their role(s) in civil service organisations. It covers the role of social media in organising, the significance of religion in many cultural contexts, activism in Eastern Europe and the impact of environmental degradation on women’s lives.

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Challenging The Third Sector

Global Prospects For Active Citizenship

Written by experts this important book explores the vital relationships between active citizenship, civil society and the third sector in different socio-political contexts. Drawing on a range of theory and empirical studies the book will be a useful resource for researchers and practitioners.

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