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Gangs and Minorities in Singapore

Masculinity, Marginalization and Resistance

This book is a unique ethnographic study of a racially exclusive Malay Muslim gang, Omega, which has its roots in Singapore’s prisons. In demonstrating that gang involvement can be an adaptive strategy for marginalized groups, this book promotes a more inclusive and restorative justice model for people with repeat convictions.

Bristol Uni Press

Exploring Urban Youth Culture Outside of the Gang Paradigm

Critical Questions of Youth, Gender and Race On-Road

Young people ‘on-road’ are often criminalised due to interlocking structural inequalities. Looking beyond concerns about gangs, the book addresses the concerns of practitioners, policy makers and scholars in analysing aspects and misinterpretations of the shifting realities of young people’s urban life.

Bristol Uni Press

Sound, Order and Survival in Prison

The Rhythms and Routines of HMP Midtown

The soundscape of prison life is that of constant clangs, bangs and jangles. What is the significance of this cacophonous din to those who live and work with it? This book is the story of a year spent with a UK prison community, bringing its social world vividly to life through aural ethnography.

Bristol Uni Press

Criminal Justice, Wildlife Conservation and Animal Rights in the Anthropocene

This book addresses one of today’s most urgent issues: the loss of wildlife and habitat. Combining conservation studies with a focus on animal rights, the chapters explore the successes and failures of the international treaties CITES and the BERN Convention.

Bristol Uni Press

The Politics of Police Governance

Scottish Police Reform, Localism, and Epistocracy

This book analyses police reform in Scotland, demonstrating the key role experts can play in strengthening democratic accountability of the police to the communities they serve.

Policy Press

Youth Justice

Towards a Contextualised Understanding of Policy-Making

Policy development and implementation has a pivotal role in the youth justice system, with a profound impact upon professionals and the children they work with. Presenting original research on a variety of stakeholder policy-makers in England and Wales, this book is key reading for researchers and practitioners responding to youth offending.

Policy Press

Responding to Youth Violence through Youth Work

Drawing on the findings of a two-year European research project, this book presents a new model for responding meaningfully and effectively the 'problem' of how to respond to violence involving young people that continues to challenge youth workers and policy makers.

Policy Press

Social Media Homicide Confessions

Stories of Killers and their Victims

The relationship between crime and social media has become an increasingly important topic. This unique book analyses what those involved in homicide do with social media. It investigates the practices of those involved and argues that confessions convey insights into the social and cultural context of contemporary homicide.

Policy Press

Regulating sex for sale

Prostitution Policy Reform in the UK

Edited by Jo Phoenix

'Regulating sex for sale' provides a detailed analysis and critical reflection on the processes, assumptions and contradictions shaping the UK's emerging prostitution policy. It examines the total package of reforms and proposals that have been introduced in this area since May 2000.

Policy Press

An Introduction to Political Crime

An introduction to political crime provides a comprehensive and contemporary analysis of political crime including both violent and nonviolent crimes committed by and against the state in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other advanced industrialized democracies since the 1960s.

Policy Press

Intermediaries in the Criminal Justice System

Improving Communication for Vulnerable Witnesses and Defendants

This is the first book about the intermediary scheme, criminal justice’s untold ‘good news story’. It provides a comprehensive explanation of how intermediaries work in practice and gives ‘behind the scenes’ insights into the criminal process. It will be of interest to practitioners and the wider public.

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