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Competition for Prisons

Public or Private?

This book re-assesses the benefits and failures of competition, how public and private prisons compare, the impact of competition on the public sector’s performance, and how well Government has managed this ‘quasi-market’.

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Women and Criminal Justice

From the Corston Report to Transforming Rehabilitation

This book focuses on developments since the publication of the 2007 Corston Report into women and criminal justice. The challenges of working with women in the current climate also explored, translating lessons from good practice to policy development and recommending future directions arising from the ‘Transforming Rehabilitation’ plans.

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Covert Violence

The Secret Weapon of the Powerless

Covert violence occurs in all social institutions and this compelling, much-needed book is for all those who seek to understand—and strive to prevent—violence in society. This book takes a new and engaging focus on the perpetrators of surreptitious violence on unsuspecting victims.

Bristol Uni Press

Desistance and Children

Critical Reflections from Theory, Research and Practice

‘Desistance’ - understanding how people move away from offending – has become a significant policy focus in recent years, with desistance thinking transplanted from the adult to the youth justice system in England and Wales. This book is the first to critique this approach to justice-involved children.

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Trafficking Chains

Modern Slavery in Society

This book offers a theory of trafficking and modern slavery with implications for policy. Going beyond polarised debates on the sex trade, this book shows the importance of coercion and the societal complexities that perpetuate modern slavery.

Bristol Uni Press


Secrets and Disclosure in the Undercover Policing Inquiry

In the first academic analysis of the ‘spycops’ scandal, the author draws on extensive fieldwork and his first-hand experience of police infiltration in this exploration of covert policing practices.

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Crimes of the Powerful and the Contemporary Condition

The Democratic Republic of Capitalism

The ultimate expression of power is the ability to act beyond the confines of law. Illuminating the condition of ‘panoramic power’, this book offers new thinking on damaging structures of power and privilege – and the political activities needed to achieve intervention and change.

Bristol Uni Press

Gangs, Drugs and (Dis)Organised Crime

Drawing upon unique empirical data based on interviews with high-profile ex-offenders and experts in the field, this book sheds new light on drug markets, organised crime and gangs in the UK. McLean sparks new debate on the subject, offering solutions and alternatives for how to best tackle gang violence.

Bristol Uni Press

Gangs, Drugs and Youth Adversity

Continuity and Change

Revisiting the young men interviewed in Deuchar’s original fieldwork in Glasgow, this dynamic book explores the evolving nature of gangs and the contemporary challenges affecting young people, including drug distribution, football-related bigotry and the mental health repercussions emerging from social media.

Bristol Uni Press

Prisoners' Families, Emotions and Space

This original study of the lives of prisoners’ families adds a feminist perspective on the understanding of carceral geography. She relates the testimonies of families as they navigate new challenges, and measures the impact of imprisonment on their emotions, relationships, identities and experiences of spaces, both inside and outside prison.

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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

The Victim Journey

This book traces the journey of victims/survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking into and within the UK, from recruitment to representation to (re)integration. It offers crucial suggestions for better public awareness, policies and practices that will impact interventions in the UK and beyond.

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Incarceration and Older Women

Giving Back Not Giving Up

For the first time, this book offers qualitative research on the lives and social relationships of older imprisoned women. In-depth interviews with 29 female prisoners in the south-eastern United States show that older women both engage in generative behaviours, or 'giving back', in prison and also wish to do so upon their release.

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