John Hudson

John Hudson is Professor of Social Policy at the University of York and Co-Director of the Centre for Research in Comparative and Global Social Policy (CRCG). His research and teaching spans three themes: The policy process; Comparative social policy analysis; and Government in the “information age”.


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Social Policy Review 29

Analysis and Debate in Social Policy, 2017

Published in association with the SPA, this edition presents an up-to-date and diverse review of the best in social policy scholarship over the past 12 months, from a group of internationally renowned authors.

Policy Press

Social Policy Review 28

Analysis and Debate in Social Policy, 2016

Published in association with the SPA, with specially commissioned reviews of pensions, health care, conditionality and housing and including a themed section on personalised budgets, this book examines important debates in the field.

Policy Press

Social Policy in an Era of Competition

From Global to Local Perspectives

Providing a new cross-national and international narrative on how global competition has reshaped welfare states this book captures the complexity of social policy reform process that have taken place over the past 25 years.

Policy Press