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Consumption and Society



Marlyne Sahakian,
University of Geneva, Switzerland

Stefan Wahlen,
University of Giessen, Germany

Daniel Welch,
University of Manchester, UK

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Online: 2752-8499 

August, November 

About the journal

Consumption and Society publishes articles that advance understandings of consumption as a societal phenomenon, embedded in, and constitutive of, socio-economic, material and cultural configurations. The field of consumption studies was an early touchstone for major debates on macro-social change, especially around the issues of globalisation and aestheticization. Following in this tradition, Consumption and Society aims to revitalise the relevance of consumption studies for the societal challenges of the 21st Century. The journal contributes to debates on contested aspects of consumption, such as environmental impacts, digitalisation, the shifting balance of collective versus private consumption, commodification and inequalities. Read more

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