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End Violence Against Women Collection

Violence against women remains one of the most widespread and devastating human rights violations in our world today. We have created this collection of articles highlighting some of the many aspects of violence against women, in the hope that increased understanding and awareness can help us tackle this issue. 

Read the collection for free until 31 December 2020. The collection includes articles from:

Journal of Gender-Based Violence

From the special issue: Space, place and GBV

Space, place and GBV
Hannah Bows and Bianca Fileborn

Out of place: women’s experiences of policing in protest spaces
Helen Monk and Will Jackson

Digital intrusions: technology, spatiality and violence against women
Bridget Harris and Laura Vitis

Street harassment and social control of young Muslim women in Brussels: destabilising the public/private binary
Mattias De Backer

‘Risk of sexual violence against women and girls’ in the construction of ‘gender-neutral toilets’: a discourse analysis of comments on YouTube videos
Ben Colliver and Adrian Coyle

The culturalisation of ‘honour’-based violence and its impact on service provision in rural communities
Samantha Walker

Contemporary feminist imaginings of the refuge-space: implications for Black and ‘minority ethnic’, migrant survivors in the UK
Maggie Bridge

Structural monitoring of selected national legislation of Turkey on gender-based violence against women
Ilknur Yuksel-Kaptanoglu and Cansu Dayan

Sexual violence and COVID-19: all silent on the home front
Clare Gunby et al.

More from the Journal of Gender-Based Violence

Domestic violence and abuse, coronavirus, and the media narrative
Emma Williamson, Nancy Lombard, Oona Brooks-Hay

'Home game': domestic abuse and football
Oona Brooks-Hay and Nancy Lombard 

Between experience and social ‘norms’, identification and compliance: economic and sexual intimate partner violence against women in Lithuania
Ugnė Grigaitė, Mažvydas Karalius, and Margarita Jankauskaitė

Before the killing: intimate partner homicides in a process perspective, Part I
Viveka Enander et al.

Interviewer effects on the reporting of intimate partner violence in the 2015 Zimbabwe Demographic and Heath Survey
Metheny Nicholas and Rob Stephenson

Reflections on the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (England and Wales)
Marian Duggan

Barbed affect: Bangladeshi child brides in India negotiate borders and citizenship
Rimple Mehta

The role of family coercion, culture, expert witnesses and best practice in securing forced marriage convictions
Aisha K Gill and Deborah Gould

The case processing of intimate partner sexual assault: a brief review and recommendations for future research
Eryn Nicole O’Neal and Brittany E. Hayes

An analysis of a high-profile rape trial: the case of UK footballer Ched Evans
Kathryn Royal

Female survivors’ experiences of authorities’ actions in cases of partner stalking
Nelli Puronvarsi, Viivi Ruotanen, and Juha Holma

Beyond the Power and Control Wheel: how abusive men manipulate mobile phone technologies to facilitate coercive control
Tirion Elizabeth Havard and Michelle Lefevre

Coercive control of women as mothers via strategic mother–child separation
Laura  Monk and Erica Bowen 

Implementation of the new Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence in Serbia: paradigm shift and system problems‘
Tanja Ignjatović and Vanja Macanović

It’s about gender equality and all that stuff…’: enacting policies on gender-based violence into everyday preventive work in rural Sweden
Sara Nyhlén and Katarina Giritli Nygren

Redress, rights and responsibilities: comparing European intervention systems
Carol Hagemann-White

The Whole Place Self: reflecting on the original working practices of Rape Crisis
F. Vera-Gray

Coping with sexual harassment: the experience of young working women in Italy
Lucia Beltramini

All I wanted was a happy life': the struggles of women with learning disabilities to raise their children while also experiencing domestic violence
Michelle Mccarthy

Misogyny online: extending the boundaries of hate crime
Ruth Lewis, Michael Rowe and Clare Wiper

European Journal of Politics and Gender

Violence against women in politics: emerging perspectives, new challenges 
Malin Holm

United Nations gender experts and the push to focus on conflict-related sexual violence
Megan Alexandra Dersnah

The politics of normalising gendered violence: feminised austerity and masculinised wealth creation
Heather Savigny and Richard Scullion

Reversing gender policy progress: patterns of backsliding in Central and Eastern European new democracies
Conny Roggeband and Andrea Krizsán

Global Discourse

Gender politics and geopolitics of international criminal law in Uganda
Annie Bunting

Tacking between the global and the local: a reply to DeLaet and Bunting
Lisa Baldez

Attempting international normative change in gender and the law: a reply to DeLaet, Baldez and Bunting
Darby Matt

Critical and Radical Social Work

Poetic licence to write resistance: women resisting intimate partner violence through poetry
Andrea Merriam Donovan et al.

Moving beyond contemporary discourses: children, prostitution, modern slavery and human trafficking
Helen Charnley and Pearson Nkhoma 

Families, Relationships and Society

'They could have defended my mum and me': children's perspectives on grandparent responses to intimate partner violence
Nina Åkerlund

International Journal of Care and Caring

“We’re keeping everything together with Band-Aids”: a case study of care work and family violence during a US oil boom
Elizabeth M. Legerski and Laura C. Hand