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New editorial team for the European Journal of Politics and Gender
Call for Applications

The editorial team of the European Journal of Politics and Gender (EJPG) invites applications for the next term of editorship of the journal.  This is an exciting opportunity to help shape and develop the journal over the coming years. 

EJPG is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes international, cutting-edge research in the broad field of politics and gender. EJPG aims to advance gender and politics research in all its diversity by focusing on innovation, rigorous argumentation, and clear ‘take home’ messages. It is firmly embedded in global politics and gender scholarship. You can find out about us here: https://bristoluniversitypress.co.uk/journals/european-journal-of-politics-and-gender.

EJPG publishes Research Articles in gender and politics broadly defined, with a variety of geographical and thematic foci, methods and epistemological traditions. It runs an annual competition for Special Issues. The EJPG awards a Best Paper Award to the best article published in the previous year. EJPG also includes a Gender Updates section, in which short descriptive pieces present data or analyses related to elections, policy changes, and public debates on gender-related issues across Europe. These provide an easily digestible snapshot of the details and implications of significant political activity happening in or across Europe. Gender Updates are designed to be of use to students and scholars, but also to those beyond academia, not least activists and practitioners to help inform policy and public debate.

The current Editorial Team of Liza Mügge, Isabelle Engeli, Sarah Childs, Elizabeth Evans, Petra Ahrens and Karen Celis has listed six future goals for EJPG:

  • Boost the quantity whilst sustaining the quality of submissions
  • Raise the profile of the journal by securing ISI ranking
  • Enlarge the scope of the work submitted to EJPG to better reflect the richness of the gender and politics field; publications in the domain of political theory, sexuality, and International Relations are particularly encouraged
  • Ensure methodological diversity and a diverse spread of subjects and approaches
  • Increase the visibility of the journal in social media and impact related communities
  • Ensure a diverse spread in terms of the geographical location of authors, with especial attention to increasing the presence of authors from under-represented countries and regions, such as the Global South.

The current Editorial Team will finish at the end of June 2020. The next Editorial Team of 4 to 6 editors will be appointed for three years in the first instance, but this could be extended for a further two or three year period subject to an interim review. We welcome both individual and group applications. In case of individual application, the selection committee will compose an Editorial Team in function of complementarity of expertise and preferred editorial tasks as indicated by the applicant. In case of a whole team application, the team should indicate their preferred editorial model, for instance distinguishing between Lead Editor(s) and Associated Editors assigned to a specific editorial task (assigning social media as a specific task to one of the editors is highly advisable). Team applicants can be based in one university or be affiliated to plural universities. They should detail how the team intends to guarantee effective and efficient collaboration.

All applicants should present a statement for the journal and a set of ambitions under their editorship. This should contain an editorial and managerial strategy that address the goals listed above but the selection committee is also looking for fresh ideas to enhance the journal further, and a vision for realizing EJPG’s mission. The Editorial Team will be contracted to organize and attend Editorial Board meetings at the biennial ECPG and the other year at Bristol University Press. There should be a budget including any resource needs. The Editorial Team will receive an annual financial support of 20.000 CHF. This budget covers the current editorial assistant who will keep working for EJPG, and other costs detailed by the applicants like a potential stipend for the Lead Editor(s), administrative assistance, a social media officer, travel costs for Editorial Team meetings and promotion. It would be helpful to know what support the Editorial Team’s host department(s) might offer in terms of additional resources, and how these might be used to realize the Editorial Team’s goals.

Applications should be sent to Karen Celis (ejpgeditors@gmail.com) and should include a proposal (approximately four pages) and a CV (or CVs in case of a team application).

The closing date for applications is 1 February 2020. Applications to include:

  • CV(s) of the applicant(s)
  • A vision and strategy to realize EJPG’s goals and mission
  • Preferred editorial model identifying and assigning the various editorial tasks
  • Model of collaboration
  • Budget, specifying any additional resources the applicant(s) might offer.

The selection committee will be composed of members of the outgoing Editorial Team, a representative of the Publisher and two EJPG Board members (see https://bristoluniversitypress.co.uk/journals/european-journal-of-politics-and-gender/editorial-board). We anticipate conducting interviews in March 2020 with a view to making the appointment as soon as possible thereafter. In Spring 2020 a short retreat with the incoming Editorial Team will be organized to jointly discuss strategies and day-to-day management.

The successful applicants will take over from the current Editorial Team on 1 July 2020. A smooth transition between the outgoing and incoming Editorial Team will be secured by the continuation of the current editorial assistant, alongside a short period during which the outgoing Editorial Team assists the incoming one. Two of the Founding Editors (Liza Mügge and Isabelle Engeli) will further function as Consulting Editors for the first term of the new Editorial Team (July 2020- July 2023).   

For any questions you might have, please contact Karen Celis or Liza Mügge (at ejpgeditors@gmail.com), Isabelle Engeli (I.Engeli@exeter.ac.uk), or Julia Mortimer (Julia.Mortimer@bristol.ac.uk).