Call for papers

Global Political Economy is the much-anticipated journal for the discipline of global political economy, with an explicit intention of cross-disciplinarity, spanning international relations, sociology, feminism and gender studies, political science, geography, business studies, science and technology studies, economics and more, encouraging debates and discussions across these arenas. Find out more about the journal's aims and scope.

Research articles up to 9,000 words are invited which address debates and critiques in, and of:

  • Global relations of (re)production and exploitation
  • Domination, disruption, resistance, emancipation
  • State, economy, society, nature
  • Sex and gender
  • Social reproduction
  • Global health, public services
  • Supply and value chains, production networks
  • Technologies of power and surveillance
  • Knowledge production
  • Digitalisation, platform economy
  • Work, labour, industrial relations
  • Critical legal and policy studies
  • Class analysis, class struggle
  • Race and othering
  • Statelessness, migration
  • Historical materialism
  • Development, de-development
  • Colonialism, decolonialism, imperialism
  • Energy and food
  • Environment, ecology
  • Slow growth, green capitalism, de-growth
  • Education, pedagogy
  • Finance, financialisation
  • Spatial scales, the production of space
  • Regionalisation, triadisation
  • Historical sociology
  • The rise of non-triad regions
  • Varieties of capitalism
  • Globalisation, global governance
  • Geopolitics, geo-economic rivalry

Please consider submitting your original manuscript to: https://www.editorialmanager.com/gpe/default.aspx. Please refer to our instructions for authors.

If you have ideas you would like to discuss, please contact the editorial team at GPE.editorial@gmail.com