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Meet the Editorial Team

Co-Editors in Chief 

The Global Social Challenges Journal is led by a team of six well-respected international scholars from a range of disciplines. Our Co-Editors in Chief are experienced in working across academic boundaries and are passionate about the potential of interdisciplinary research to tackle the global social challenges.   

Shenggen Fan photo

Shenggen Fan

"The challenges we face today, including the crucial global issue of food and nutrition security, have become more complex than ever, which requires solutions from different disciplines. Global Social Challenges Journal offers a unique opportunity for scholars and practitioners to work together across disciplines in order to tackle increasingly complex challenges. I am committed to work with my Co-Editors  to make Global Social Challenges Journal a fair, transparent and science-based platform to share the data, research results and knowledge for a better future world."

Shenggen Fan is currently Chair Professor at the College of Economics and Management at China Agricultural University in Beijing, China

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Td Lab Zurich and Wayne State University

Julie Thompson Klein

The complexity of global social challenges often requires inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches to sustainability, health and well being, democratic rights, and conflict resolution. We invite case studies, literature reviews, conceptual and methodological accounts, and reflective essays on pertinent strategies and structures for research and education to advance understanding dynamics of integrating differing forms of expertise and experiences across disciplines, interdisciplinary fields, professional occupations, and sectors of society including government, industry, and rural and urban communities in the North and South.” 

Julie Thompson Klein is Emeritus Professor of Humanities at Wayne State University, USA and is affiliated to the Transdisciplinarity Lab ETH-Zurich, Switzerland

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Siddharth Mallavarapu photo

Siddharth Mallavarapu

"As a scholar located in the global south, my involvement in the journal is to actively foster the conscious acknowledgment of a wide range of intellectual traditions and perspectives emanating from less privileged locales of knowledge production. What makes Global Social Challenges Journal attractive to me is its  attention to decolonization of knowledge forms with its distinct normative accents on what is likely to matter increasingly in the twenty first century – imperial formations, capitalism and ecological dystopias, the political economy of global redistribution, the crisis of multilateralism and deeply intertwined questions of war and peace."

Siddharth Mallavarapu is Professor at the Department of International Relations and Governance Studies at Shiv Nadar University, India

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Bronwen Morgan photo

Bronwen Morgan

Bronwen Morgan’s research has long focused on transformations of the regulatory state in both national-comparative and transnational contexts, with a particular interest in the interaction between the technocratic interstices of regulation and collective commitments to democracy, conviviality and ecological sustainability. Her ongoing work is on new legal models for social enterprise and emerging solidarity or commons-based economies, with a particular focus on platform cooperativism.

Bronwen Morgan is Professor of Law and Justice the University of New South Wales, Australia

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Sue Scott

Sue Scott

"I took up the opportunity to be an Editor in Chief of GSCJ because of a commitment to getting open access right and a belief that BUP, as a not-for-profit press, committed to social science, was the best possible home for such an enterprise. I have been skeptical of institutional attempts to artificially construct inter/multi/transdisciplinary and concerned at the ways in which social science is often ‘tagged on’ to STEM research, but I am also very sure that we need to be working creatively across boundaries to address the challenges facing humanity and our environment. This journal seems me to have great potential to be a space to explore these challenges and to share ideas findings not only between academics but across a much wider community.

Sue Scott is a sociologist, focusing on gender and sexuality. She is a visiting professor at Newcastle University, UK and the University of Helsinki, Finland

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David Simon

David Simon

"Having worked across and between disciplines most of my career and more recently also in strongly transdisciplinary contexts, finding an appropriate home for these outputs has often been challenging. Many journals claim to welcome such intersections and cross-overs but rarely achieve this in practice. The opportunity to help launch and develop Global Social Challenges Journal as an explicitly inter-and transdisciplinary outlet therefore instantly attracted me, the more because of its open access and non-profit business model."

David is Professor of Development Geography at the Royal Holloway, University of London, UK 

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