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Public Choice Articles Collection

Browse this special collection of our public choice articles selected by the Editors of the Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice for free until the end of December 2021.

The past and future of the Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice
Emma Galli & Giampaolo Garzarelli

James M. Buchanan and the Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice: extending the Italian tradition of public finance
Richard E. Wagner

Il Padrino's
dilemma: a simple model of Mafia decision making
Ronald Wintrobe

The lighthouse in economics: colonial America's experience
Franklin G. Mixon & Robert Shaw Bridges

Blockchain: an entangled political economy approach
Darcy W.E. Allen, Chris Berg & Mikayla Novak

The violence trap: a political-economic approach to the problems of development
Gary W. Cox, Douglass C. North & Barry R. Weingast

Do Democratic governors lower economic freedom? A regression discontinuity approach
William B. Hankins & Gary A. Hoover 

A theory of self-governance: de facto constitutions as filters
Alexander William Salter & Justin Callais

How Wicksell became important for Buchanan: a historical account of a (relatively) slow epiphany
Alain Marciano

Democratic transitions and monetary policy: are democratic central banks different?
Christian Bjørnskov & Martin Rode

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