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Most Read in 2019

Critical and Radical Social Work

Framed to fit? Challenging the domestic abuse story in child protection
Authors: Greig Ferguson, Brid Featherstone and Kate Morris

Extinction Rebellion: social work, climate change and solidarity
Author: Ella Booth

Degrowth for transformational alternatives as radical social work practice [Open Access]
Authors: Meredith C.F. Powers; Komal Singh Rambaree; Jef Peeters

Revolutionary social work: promoting sustainable justice
Author: Masoud Kamali and Jessica H. Jönsson

The quality of social work students in England: a genealogy of discourse 2002-18 [Open Access]
Author: Joe Hanley

Emotions and Society

Emotions and society
Author: Arlie Russell Hochschild

Emotional micro bases of social inequality: emotional energy, emotional domination and charismatic solidarity
Author: Randall Collins

Into the 21st century
Authors: Mary Holmes, Nathan Manning and Åsa Wettergren

Alienation and emotion: social relations and estrangement in contemporary capitalism
Author: Ian Burkitt

Liquid-modern emotions: exploring Zygmunt Baumans contribution to the sociology of emotions
Author: Michael Hviid Jacobsen

European Journal of Politics and Gender

Introduction: gender experts and gender expertise
Authors: Rahel Kunz and Elisabeth Prügl

Brexit: gendered implications for equality in the UK
Authors: Toni Haastrup, Katharine A.M. Wright and Roberta Guerrina

Framing and feedback: increased support for gender quotas among elites [Open Access]
Authors: Mari Teigen, Hege Skjeie and Rune Karlsen

Gender experts and critical friends: research in relations of proximity
Author: Aiko Holvikivi

Representing women, women representing: backbenchers questions during Prime Ministers Questions, 1979-2010 [Open Access]
Authors: Stephen Holden Bates and Alison Sealey

Evidence & Policy

Co-creative approaches to knowledge production: what next for bridging the research to practice gap? [Open Access]
Authors: Allison Metz, Annette Boaz and Glenn Robert

Key issues in co-creation with stakeholders when research problems are complex [Open Access]
Author: Gabriele Bammer

Drawing straight lines along blurred boundaries: Qualitative research, patient and public involvement in medical research, co-production and co-design [Open Access]
Authors: Louise Locock and Annette Boaz

Rethinking knowledge translation for public health policy [Open Access]
Authors: Patrick Fafard and Steven J Hoffman

Towards a heart and soul for co-creative research practice: a systemic approach [Open Access]
Authors: Graeme Nicholas, Jeff Foote, Kirsten Kainz, Gerald Midgley, Katrin Prager and Cristina Zurbriggen

Families, Relationships and Societies

The shame and shaming of parents in the child protection process: findings from a case study of an English child protection service
Author: Matthew Gibson

Disguised compliance or undisguised nonsense? A critical discourse analysis of compliance and resistance in social work practice
Authors: Jadwiga Leigh, Liz Beddoe and Emily Keddell

From genograms to peer group mapping: Introducing peer relationships into social work assessment and intervention
Author: Carlene Firmin

Relationship Expectations: Normative Ideals, Practice and Social Change
Authors: Alison Koslowski, Lynn Jamieson, Autumn Roesch-Marsh, Tina Miller and Esther Dermott

Comparative Life Experiences: Young Adult Siblings with and Without Disabilities' Different Understandings of Their Respective Life Experiences During Young Adulthood
Author: Ariella Meltzer

Global Discourse

Entering the 'post-shame era': the rise of illiberal democracy, populism and neo-authoritarianism in EUrope
Author: Ruth Wodak

Theorising the EU in crisis: de-Europeanisation as disintegration
Author: Ben Rosamond

Migration, solidarity and the limits of Europe
Authors: Martina Tazzioli and William Walters

The limits of EUrope
Authors: Russell Foster and Jan Grzymski

Seeing Like a European Border: Limits of the European Borders and Space
Author: Jan Grzymski

International Journal of Care and Caring

Life course trajectories of family care [Open Access]
Authors: Norah Keating, Jacquie Eales, Laura Funk, Janet Fast and Joohong Min

Care poverty: unmet care needs in a Nordic welfare state [Open Access]
Authors: Teppo Kröger, Jiby Mathew Puthenparambil and Lina Van Aerschot

What would I want? Dementia perspectives and priorities among people with dementia, family carers and service professionals [Open Access]
Auhors: Irja Haapala, Ashley Carr and Simon Biggs

Editorial introduction: Cross-cultural contexts of eldercare and caring: theory, research and policy. Guest edited by Ruth Katz and Ariela Lowenstein
Authors: Ruth Katz and Ariela Lowenstein

Towards sustainable family care: using goals to reframe the user-centred design of technologies to support carers
Authors: Myles Leslie, Jacquie Eales, Janet Fast, W. Ben Mortenson, Oladele Atoyebi and Akram Khayatzadeh-Mahani

Journal of Gender-Based Violence

Its a work in progress: mens accounts of gender and change in their use of coercive control [Open Access]
Authors: Julia Downes, Liz Kelly and Nicole Westmarland

The Whole Place Self: reflecting on the original working practices of Rape Crisis
Author: F. Vera-Gray

Islamophobic violence as a form of gender-based violence: a qualitative study with Muslim women in Canada
Author: Sidrah Maysoon Ahmad

Reflections on the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (England and Wales)
Author: Marian Duggan

Responding to complexity: improving service provision for survivors of domestic abuse with complex needs
Authors: Lyndsey Harris and Kathryn Hodges

Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

Much ado about poverty: the role of a UN Special Rapporteur
Authors: Philip Alston, Bassam Khawaja and Rebecca Riddell

Extreme child poverty and the role of social policy in the United States
Authors: Zachary Parolin and David Brady

Self-employment and social protection: understanding variations between welfare regimes
Authors: Slavina Spasova, Denis Bouget, Dalila Ghailani and Bart Vanhercke

The influence of poverty on childrens school experiences: pupils perspectives
Authors: Lynn Naven, James Egan, Edward M. Sosu and Sara Spencer

Timing it right or timing it wrong: how should income-tested benefits deal with changes in circumstances?
Authors: Jane Millar and Peter Whiteford

Journal of Psychosocial Studies

Psychosocial studies with psychoanalysis
Author: Stephen Frosh

Beyond the angers of populism: a psychosocial inquiry
Author: Barry Richards

The coming triumph of the psychosocial perspective: lessons from the rise, fall and revival of Erich Fromm
Author: Neil McLaughlin

Authors: Liz Frost and David W. Jones

Psychosocial aesthetics and the art of lived experience
Authors: Jill Bennett, Lynn Froggett and Lizzie Muller

Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice

The Violence Trap: A Political-Economic Approach to the Problems of Development
Authors: Gary W. Cox, Douglass C. North and Barry R. Weingast

Term limits and state budgets
Authors: Randall G. Holcombe and Robert J. Gmeiner

A theory of self-governance: de facto constitutions as filters
Author: Alexander William Salter and Justin Callais

Legitimising the illegitimate: a review of the libertarian accounts of taxation
Author: Dejene Mamo Bekana

Benjamin Constant: His Debts Towards Adam Smith
Author: Lorenzo Infantino

Longitudinal and Life Course Studies

Social inequalities in educational attainment: The changing impact of parents' social class, social status, education and family income, England 1986 and 2010
Authors: Nicola Pensiero and Ingrid Schoon

An introduction to the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY)
Authors: John Moore and Ronnie Semo

Overweight and obesity in childhood and adolescence: findings from the UK Millennium Cohort Study, up to age 14
Authors: Benedetta Pongiglione and Emla Fitzsimons

Reconstructing the mixed mechanisms of health: the role of bio- and sociomarkers
Authors: Virginia Ghiara and Federica Russo

The Russian panel study 'Trajectories in Education and Careers'
Author: Valeriya Malik

Policy & Politics

The Impact of Management Consultants on Public Service Efficiency
Authors: Ian Kirkpatrick, Andrew J Sturdy, Nuria Reguera Alvarado, Antonio Blanco-Oliver and Gianluca Veronesi

When design meets power: Design thinking, public sector innovation and the politics of policymaking [Open Access]
Authors: Jenny M Lewis, Michael McGann and Emma Blomkamp

The use and abuse of participatory governance by populist governments [Open Access]
Authors: Agnes Batory and Sara Svensson

Can The Governance Paradigm Survive The Rise of Populism?
Author: Gerry Stoker

Rethinking the role of experts and expertise in behavioural public policy
Authors: Peter John and Gerry Stoker

Voluntary Sector Review

Selling volunteering or developing volunteers? Approaches to promoting sports volunteering
Authors: Geoff Nichols, Eddy Hogg, Caroline Knight and Ryan Storr

Voluntary organic leadership for community resilience
Author: Benjamin J. Lough

Civil society strategy: a policy review
Authors: Ellen Bennett, Tracey Coule, Chris Damm, Chris Dayson, Jon Dean and Rob Macmillan

The difference leadership makes? Debating and conceptualising leadership in the UK voluntary sector
Authors: Vita Terry, James Rees and Carol Jacklin-Jarvis

The impact of a changing policy environment on board members in small and medium-sized voluntary organisations
Author: Lindsey Metcalf