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Most Read in 2020

Critical and Radical Social Work

Framed to fit? Challenging the domestic abuse story in child protection
Greig Ferguson, Brid Featherstone and Kate Morris

Boys to men: the cost of adultification in safeguarding responses to Black boys
Jahnine Davis and Nicholas Marsh

For women of colour in social work: black feminist self-care practice based on Audre Lordes radical pioneering principles
Suryia Nayak

Degrowth for transformational alternatives as radical social work practice [Open Access]
Meredith C.F. Powers, Komalsingh Rambaree, and Jef Peeters

The quality of social work students in England: a genealogy of discourse 2002-18 [Open Access]
Joe Hanley

Emotions and Society

Why feelings trump facts: anti-politics, citizenship and emotion
Matthew Flinders

A post-paradigmatic approach to analysing emotions in social life [Open Access]
Rebecca E. Olson, Alberto Bellocchi and Ann Dadich

Capitalist society as an analysand: an interview with Eva Illouz
Emma Engdahl

Fortunate and fearful: emotions evoked by home-care policies for older people in Ireland
Luciana Lolich and Virpi Timonen

Once more, with feeling, said the robot: AI, the end of work and the rise of emotional economies
Roger Patulny, Natasa Lazarevic, and Vern Smith

European Journal of Politics and Gender

The fight against gender and LGBT ideology: new developments in Poland
Elżbieta Korolczuk

Rethinking the ambition gap: gender and candidate emergence in comparative perspective
Jennifer M. Piscopo and Meryl Kenny 

Urgency and ambition: the influence of political environment and emotion in spurring US womens candidacies in 2018
Kelly Dittmar

LGBTIQ Roma and queer intersectionalities: the lived experiences of LGBTIQ Roma
Lucie Fremlova

Bringing epistemology into intersectional methodology
Alexie Labelle

Evidence & Policy

Making evidence and policy in public health emergencies: lessons from COVID-19 for adaptive evidence-making and intervention [Open Access]
Kari Lancaster, Tim Rhodes, Marsha Rosengarten

Rethinking knowledge translation for public health policy [Open Access]
Patrick Fafard and Steven J Hoffman

Opening up evidence-based policy: exploring citizen and service user expertise [Open Access]
Ellen Stewart et al.

Improving the use of evidence in legislatures: the case of the UK Parliament [Open Access]
David Christian Rose et al.

Evidence-based policy, knowledge from experience and validity [Open Access]
Jennifer Smith-Merry

Families, Relationships and Societies

The shame and shaming of parents in the child protection process: findings from a case study of an English child protection service
Matthew Gibson

Disguised compliance or undisguised nonsense? A critical discourse analysis of compliance and resistance in social work practice
Jadwiga Leigh, Liz Beddoe, and Emily Keddell

Childhood, parenting culture, and adult-child relations in global perspectives
Charlotte Faircloth and Rachel Rosen

When equal partners become unequal parents: couple relationships and intensive parenting culture
Charlotte Faircloth

Adult-child relations in neoliberal times: insights from a dialogue across childhood and parenting culture studies
Rachel Rosen and Charlotte Faircloth

Global Discourse

Anger fast and slow: mediations of justice and violence in the age of populism
William Davies

The functionality of affects: conceptualising far-right populist politics beyond negative emotions
Julia Leser and Florian Spissinger

Contesting the politics of negative emotions in educational policymaking: a ban on asylum seekers school visits in Finland
Iida Pyy, Anniina Leiviskä and Jan-Erik Mansikka

Against comfort: political implications of evading discomfort
Ditte Marie Munch-Jurisic

The resentment-ressentiment complex: a critique of liberal discourse
Sjoerd van Tuinen

International Journal of Care and Caring

You have got to get off your backside; otherwise, youll never get out: older male carers experiences of loneliness and social isolation [Open Access]
Paul Willis, Alex Vickery, and Jon Symonds

Imagining a caring early childhood education and care system in Canada: a thought experiment
Rachel Langford, Alana Powell, and Kate Bezanson

Home care takes on the challenge of falls at home: innovative practice
Mark McGlade and Karen Dening

The positive effects of caring for family carers of older adults: a scoping review [Open Access]
Alex Pysklywec et al.

Re-conceptualising the political subject: the importance of age for care theory
Monique Lanoix

Journal of Gender-Based Violence

Domestic violence and abuse, coronavirus, and the media narrative
Emma Williamson, Nancy Lombard, and Oona Brooks-Hay

Sexual violence and COVID-19: all silent on the home front
Clare Gunby et al.

The Whole Place Self: reflecting on the original working practices of Rape Crisis
F. Vera-Gray

Digital intrusions: technology, spatiality and violence against women
Bridget Harris and Laura Vitis

Coping with sexual harassment: the experience of young working women in Italy
Lucia Beltramini et al. 

Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

Timing it right or timing it wrong: how should income-tested benefits deal with changes in circumstances?
Jane Millar and Peter Whiteford

Universal simplicity? The alleged simplicity of Universal Credit from administrative and claimant perspectives
Kate Summers and David Young

Including services in multidimensional poverty measurement for SDGs: modifications to the consensual approach
Alba Lanau, Joanna Mack and Shailen Nandy

The moral maze of food bank use
David Beck and Hefin Gwilym

The do-gooders and scroungers: examining narratives of foodbank use in online local press coverage in the West Midlands, UK
Catherine Price et al.

Journal of Psychosocial Studies

Feeling/being out of place: psychic defence against the hostile environment
Nini Fang

Clad in mourning: psychoanalysis and race in contemporary America
David W. McIvor

Psychoanalytic organisation theory and identity: a psychosocial framework
Michael A. Diamond

Where it was, shall we be: lessons from the authoritarian personality for Trumps America
Amy Buzby

On transience and other hatreds
Lita Crociani-Windland

Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice

Legitimising the illegitimate: a review of the libertarian accounts of taxation
Dejene Mamo Bekana

Democratic transitions and monetary policy: are democratic central banks different?
Christian Bjørnskov and Martin Rode 

The Political Red Queen
Giampaolo Garzarelli and Emma Galli

Market versus government failures under risk and under uncertainty
Giuseppe Ciccarone

How Wicksell became important for Buchanan: a historical account of a (relatively) slow epiphany
Alain Marciano

Longitudinal and Life Course Studies

Causality in life course research: the potential use of natural experiments for causal inference
Ross Macmillan and Carmel Hannan

Early-life circumstances and the risk of function-limiting long-term conditions in later life [Open Access]
Matthew H. Iveson, Chris Dibben, and Ian J. Deary 

Young British adults homeownership circumstances and the role of intergenerational transfers
Ellie Suh

Child maltreatment (neglect and abuse) in the 1958 birth cohort: an overview of associations with developmental trajectories and long-term outcomes
Chris Power, Leah Li and Snehal M. Pinto Pereira

Socio-economic position at four time points across the life course and all-cause mortality: updated results from the Uppsala Birth Cohort Multigenerational Study [Open Access]
Amy Heshmati et al.

Policy & Politics

Improving public policy and administration: exploring the potential of design
Arwin van Buuren et al.

When design meets power: design thinking, public sector innovation and the politics of policymaking [Open Access]
Jenny M Lewis, Michael McGann and Emma Blomkamp

Policy labs: the next frontier of policy design and evaluation? [Open Access]
Karol Olejniczak et al.

Applying design in public administration: a literature review to explore the state of the art
Margot Hermus, Arwin van Buuren and Victor Bekkers

Designing environments for experimentation, learning and innovation in public policy and governance [Open Access]
Maurits Waardenburg, Martijn Groenleer and Jorrit De Jong

Voluntary Sector Review

Voluntary ‘organic’ leadership for community resilience
Benjamin J. Lough

Student perceptions and experiences of charity on social media: the authenticity of offline networks in online giving
Jon Dean

The community economies of Esch-sur-Alzette: rereading the economy of Luxembourg [Open Access]
Gerald Taylor Aiken, Christian Schulz and Benedikt Schmid

The difference leadership makes? Debating and conceptualising leadership in the UK voluntary sector
Vita Terry, James Rees and Carol Jacklin-Jarvis

Assembling community energy democracies
Bregje van Veelen and Will Eadson