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Critical and Radical Social Work

Marx: alienation, commodity fetishism and the world of contemporary social work
Authors: Lavalette, Michael; Ferguson, Iain

The year 1968: the turning point when US social work failed to turn
Author: Reisch, Michael

Collectivising solution-focused practice
Authors: Shennan, Guy; Gardiner, Marc

Making Sense of Madness: Revisiting R.D. Laing
Author: Ferguson, Iain

The Case Con generation, 1970-75
Authors: Feldon, Peter; de Chenu, Linda; Weinstein, Jeremy

Marxism, class and women's oppression
Author: German, Lindsey

Updating the Gender Recognition Act: trans oppression, moral panics and implications for social work
Author: Miles, Laura

Promoting the empowerment and liberation of people in Palestine
Authors: Amira, Raed; Ballantyne, Neil; Duarte, Filipe

Women in revolt: 1968 and today
Author: Orr, Judith

They've lost that wounded look': Stonewall and the struggle for LGBT+ rights
Author: Field, Nicola

European Journal of Politics and Gender

Intersectionality and the politics of knowledge production
Authors: Mügge, Liza; Montoya, Celeste; Emejulu, Akwugo; Weldon, S. Laurel

Power, knowledge and the politics of gender in the Global South
Authors: Medie, Peace A.; Kang, Alice J.

Feminist international relations: some research agendas for a world in transition
Authors: Prügl, Elisabeth; Tickner, J. Ann

With or without feminism? Researching gender and politics in the 21st century
Authors: Ackerly, Brooke; True, Jacqui

Coming out of the political science closet: the study of LGBT politics in Europe
Author: Paternotte, David

Gendering welfare state analysis: tensions between care and paid work
Authors: Ciccia, Rossella; Sainsbury, Diane

Power struggles: gender equality in political representation
Authors: Celis, Karen; Lovenduski, Joni

Nudges for gender equality? What can behaviour change offer gender and politics?
Author: Waylen, Georgina

Methods, methodologies and epistemologies in the study of gender and politics
Authors: Tripp, Aili Mari; Hughes, Melanie M.

Taking implementation seriously in assessing success: the politics of gender equality policy
Authors: Engeli, Isabelle; Mazur, Amy

Evidence & Policy

Rethinking knowledge translation for public health policy
Authors: Fafard, Patrick; Hoffman, Steven J

Pathways to policy impact: a new approach for planning and evidencing research impact
Authors: Reed, Mark S.; Bryce, Rosalind; Machen, Ruth

Understanding evidence use within education policy: a policy narrative perspective
Authors: Rickinson, Mark; Walsh, Lucas; de Bruin, Kate; Hall, Matthew

Evidence-informed policymaking and policy innovation in a low-income country: does policy network structure matter?
Authors: Shearer, Jessica C; Lavis, John; Abelson, Julia; Walt, Gill; Dion, Michelle

Relationships between public health faculty and decision makers at four governmental levels: a social network analysis
Authors: Jessani, Nasreen S; Babcock, Carly; Siddiqi, Sameer; Davey-Rothwell, Melissa; Ho, Shirley; Holtgrave, David R

Overlaying structure and frames in policy networks to enable effective boundary spanning
Authors: de Leeuw, Evelyne; Browne, Jennifer; Gleeson, Deborah

Creating and implementing local health and wellbeing policy: networks, interactions and collective knowledge creation amongst public sector managers
Authors: Ward, Vicky; Smith, Simon; Keen, Justin; West, Robert; House, Allan

Networks, advocacy and evidence in public health policymaking: insights from case studies of European Union smoke-free and English health inequalities policy debates
Authors: Smith, Katherine E; Weishaar, Heide

Brokering research in science education policy implementation: the case of a professional association
Authors: Hopkins, Megan; Wiley, Kathryn E; Penuel, William R; Farrell, Caitlin C

The use of research in public health policy: a systematic review
Authors: Masood, Sara; Kothari, Anita; Regan, Sandra

Families, Relationships and Societies

Neither a professional nor a friend: The liminalspaces of parents and volunteers in family support
Authors: Fisher, Jenny; Lawthom, Rebecca; Mitchell-Smith, Zinnia; O’Neill, Teresa; McLaughlin, Hugh

Who gets custody of the friends? Online narratives of changes in friendship networks following relationship breakdown
Authors: Aeby, Gaëlle; van Hooff, Jenny

Migrant mothers: Performing kin work and belonging across private and public boundaries
Authors: Reynolds, Tracey; Erel, Umut; Kaptani, Erene

Author: Dermott-Bond, Olga

Displaying good fathering through the construction of physical activity as intimate practice
Authors: Earley, Victoria; Fairbrother, Hannah; Curtis, Penny

The personal life of Facebook: managing friendships with social media
Author: Policarpo, Verónica

Migrant mothers: Kin work and cultural work in making future citizens
Authors: Reynolds, Tracey; Erel, Umut

The home project'
Author: Bevan, Sue

There is no shelter/home without woman Haween la'aani waa hoy la'aan (A Somali proverb)
Author: Carver, Natasha

Migrant mothers and the burden of care: reflections from Johannesburg
Author: Walker, Rebecca

International Journal of Care and Caring

Weathering the perfect storm: facing the challenge of maintaining gains for carers against a background of shrinking resources in one area of England
Author: Anfilogoff, Tim

Inviting the human
Author: Keylock, Lee

Engaging men as fathers and caregivers: an entry point to advancing women's empowerment and rights
Auhors: van de Sand, Joni; Belbase, Laxman; Nolan, Sinéad

Dementia diagnosis and white lies: a necessary evil for carers of dementia patients?
Author: Russell, Ginny

Commentary on the paper 'Dementia diagnosis and white lies: a necessary evil for carers of dementia patients?'
Author: Williamson, Toby

Tensions and resilience: the experiences of adult foster-care workers in Finland
Author: Leinonen, Emilia

Gender-based analysis of working-carer men: a North American scoping review
Authors: Maynard, Kevin; Ilagan, Chloe; Sethi, Bharati; Williams, Allison

Long-term care and intermediary structures for frail older people: Switzerland and Germany in comparison
Authors: Kehl, Konstantin; Smith, Rahel Strohmeier Navarro

From institutionalisation via good intentions and back again?
Author: Dahl, Bård K.

Care ethics and International Relations: challenging rationalism in global ethics
Author: Robinson, Fiona

Journal of Gender-Based Violence

Using restorative justice approaches to police domestic violence and abuse
Authors: Westmarland, Nicole; McGlynn, Clare; Humphreys, Clarissa

Sexual re-victimisation of adolescent girls in institutional care with a history of sexual violence in childhood: empirical results and conclusions for prevention
Authors: Kavemann, Barbara; Helfferich, Cornelia; Kindler, Heinz; Nagel, Bianca

Do I score points if I say no?: Negotiating sexual boundaries in a changing normative landscape
Authors: Cense, Marianne; Bay-Cheng, Laina; Dijk, Lieke van

Home game': domestic abuse and football
Authors: Brooks-Hay, Oona; Lombard, Nancy

Reframing agency in abusive contexts: beyond 'free choice' and 'open resistance'
Author: Mirza, Nughmana

Stop asking me what about men?
Author: Eaton, Jessica

Sexual violence while studying abroad: a critical, collagist personal testimony
Author: Lee, Deborah A

Vulnerable bodily integrity: under-recognised sexual violence among girls in residential care institutions
Authors: Parkkila, Helena; Heikkinen, Mervi

Interpersonal violence and abuse in young peoples relationships in five European countries: online and offline normalisation of heteronormativity
Authors: Aghtaie, Nadia; Larkins, Cath; Barter, Christine; Stanley, Nicky; Wood, Marsha; Øverlien, Carolina

Gender-based violence in EU sport policy: overview and recommendations
Authors: Lang, Melanie; Mergaert, Lut; Arnaut, Catarina; Vertommen, Tine

Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

An agenda for fixing the social security/welfare benefits system
Authors: Batty, Sarah; Orton, Michael

Monitoring progress towards sustainable development: multidimensional child poverty in the European Union
Authors: Chzhen, Yekaterina; Bruckauf, Zlata; Toczydlowska, Emilia

Is there evidence of households making a heat or eat trade off in the UK?
Authors: Snell, Carolyn; Lambie-Mumford, Hannah; Thomson, Harriet

How do children and their families experience food poverty according to UK newspaper media 200615?
Authors: Knight, Abigail; Brannen, Julia; O’Connell, Rebecca; Hamilton, Laura

Taking stock of the ambiguous role of foodbanks in the fight against poverty
Author: Ghys, Tuur

Twenty years post US welfare reform and state family caps aka child exclusion: an overdue assessment
Authors: Romero, Diana; Agénor, Madina

Children in jobless households across Europe: evidence on the association with medium- and long-term outcomes
Authors: Macmillan, Lindsey; Gregg, Paul; Jerrim, John; Shure, Nikki

Basic income: confusion, claims and choices
Author: Piachaud, David

Basic income and a public job offer: complementary policies to reduce poverty and unemployment
Authors: FitzRoy, Felix; Jin, Jim

EU policy and Roma integration (2010–14)
Author: Andor, László

Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice

Il Padrino's dilemma: a simple model of Mafia decision making
Author: Wintrobe, Ronald

Stop crying over spilt knowledge: a critical look at the theory of spillovers and technical change
Authors: Langlois, Richard N.; Robertson, Paul L.

James M. Buchanan and the Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice: extending the Italian tradition of public finance
Author: Wagner, Richard E.

The lighthouse in economics: colonial America's experience
Authors: Mixon, Franklin G.; Shaw Bridges, Robert

Equilibrium federal impotence: why the states and not the American national government financed economic development in the antebellum era
Authors: Wallis, John Joseph; Weingast, Barry R.

Policy & Politics

The impact of management consultants on public service efficiency
Authors: Kirkpatrick, Ian; Sturdy, Andrew J; Alvarado, Nuria Reguera; Blanco-Oliver, Antonio; Veronesi, Gianluca

Narratives as tools for influencing policy change
Authors: Crow, Deserai; Jones, Michael

Practical lessons from policy theories
Authors: Weible, Christopher M; Cairney, Paul

Three habits of successful policy entrepreneurs
Author: Cairney, Paul

The lessons of policy learning: types, triggers, hindrances and pathologies
Authors: Dunlop, Claire A; Radaelli, Claudio M

Why advocacy coalitions matter and practical insights about them
Authors: Weible, Christopher M; Ingold, Karin

Policy design and the added-value of the institutional analysis development framework
Authors: Heikkila, Tanya; Andersson, Krister

Drawing practical lessons from punctuated equilibrium theory
Authors: Koski, Chris; Workman, Samuel

Practical prescriptions for governing fragmented governments
Authors: Swann, William L; Kim, Seo Young

Using cultural theory to navigate the policy process
Author: Simmons, Richard

Voluntary Sector Review

We're not a bottomless pit": food banks' capacity to sustainably meet increasing demand
Author: Iafrati, Steve

Place, belonging and the determinants of volunteering
Authors: Dallimore, David J.; Davis, Howard; Eichsteller, Marta; Mann, Robin

Local civil society regimes: liberal, corporatist and social democratic civil society regimes in Swedish metropolitan cities
Authors: Arvidson, Malin; Johansson, Håkan; Johansson, Staffan; Nordfeldt, Marie

The intermediary organisational structure of voluntary associations
Author: Horch, Heinz-Dieter

Understanding the impact of volunteering on pro-environmental behavioural change
Authors: Seymour, Valentine; King, Mike; Antonaci, Roberta

Working towards gender equality in small and medium-sized third sector organisations: an incremental approach
Authors: Harris, Margaret; Miller, Helena

A tale of two states? A comparative study of cross-sector collaboration in children's services and flood risk management
Authors: Jacklin-Jarvis, Carol; Potter, Karen

The narrative assemblage of civil society interventions into refugee and asylum policy debates in the UK
Author: Tonkiss, Katherine

Changing narratives, changing relationships: a new environment for voluntary action?
Authors: Ketola, Markus; Hughes, Ciaran

Evidence-based volunteer management: a review of the literature
Author: Einolf, Christopher