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Julio Boltvinik

Julio Boltvinik is a Professor for El Colegio de México’s Ph.D. Programme. While being a member of the Chamber of Deputies (2003-2006) he promoted a Law that enforces multidimensional poverty measurement in Mexico. He has published widely on poverty, social policy, well-being and human flourishing, mainly in Spanish. He has written a weekly column in La Jornada, a Mexican critical newspaper, since 1995.
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From Poverty to Well-Being and Human Flourishing (Volume 1)

Integrated Conceptualisation and Measurement of Economic Poverty

This book offers a holistic view of Julio Boltvinik’s vast and important work on poverty conceptualisation and measurement. It provides the foundations, application and empirical examples of Boltvinik’s Integrated Poverty Measurement Method, which could potentially transform poverty narratives globally as it has done in Mexico.

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