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Cities and Communities Beyond COVID-19

How Local Leadership Can Change Our Future for the Better

Drawing on a decade of research, an internationally renowned expert explains how cities and communities can develop recovery strategies following the COVID-19 pandemic that promote social, economic and environmental justice.

Bristol Uni Press

The Essence of Interstate Leadership

Debating Moral Realism

Bringing together eminent International Relations (IR) scholars from China and the West, this book examines moral realism from a range of different perspectives. Through its analyses, it verifies the robustness of moral realism in IR theory.

Bristol Uni Press

Leadership for healthcare

Having a clear sense of which leadership ideas and practices are rooted in sound theory and convincing evidence, and which are more speculative, is vital for healthcare leaders. This book provides a coherent framework through which to scrutinise the leadership literature relevant to healthcare.

Policy Press

The Logic of Professionalism

Work and Management in Professional Service Organizations

This book explores common management practices as they relate to professional service organizations. Adopting a unique critical institutional view, it focuses on challenges and struggles in both public and private settings and offers new insights. This will be essential reading for scholars of management and leadership.

Bristol Uni Press

Men Stepping Forward

Leading Your Organization on the Path to Inclusion

How do men interested in gender equality become ‘change makers’ and lead their organisation towards inclusion? This innovative book reveals how they can be centrally involved in creating gender-inclusive cultures in their organisations and suggests practical actions to implement in order to make real changes.

Bristol Uni Press

Redeeming Leadership

An Anti-Racist Feminist Intervention

This thought-provoking new study by Helena Liu shows how anti-racist feminism can reinvigorate leadership theory and practice, which have long been dominated by imperialist, masculinist and white supremacist agendas. Theoretically rigorous and with examples from around the world, it states the case for a bold reimagining of leadership.

Bristol Uni Press

Woke Capitalism

How Corporate Morality is Sabotaging Democracy

This book delves into the corporate takeover of public morality, or ‘woke capitalism’. Discussing the political causes that it has adopted, and the social causes that it has not, it argues that this extension of capitalism has negative implications for democracy’s future.

Bristol Uni Press

Wronged and Dangerous

Viral Masculinity and the Populist Pandemic

Recent years have seen the rapid spread of far-right movements across the globe via aggrieved manhood, disguised as right-wing populism. Wronged and Dangerous refocuses divisions towards shared human interests and offers new ways to engage with the challenges of our time.

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