Lee Gregory

Lee Gregory is Associate Professor at University of Nottingham.


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Exploring Welfare Debates

Key Concepts and Questions

Visually and pedagogically rich, this wide-ranging introduction to key concepts and debates in welfare uses an innovative, question-based narrative to highlight the importance of theory to understanding welfare.

Policy Press

Diversity and Welfare Provision

Tension and Discrimination in 21st Century Britain

This book explores how diverse citizens’ experience welfare provision. It seeks to promote broader debate and address the silences in research and debate, particularly in relation under-researched groups, with the aim of developing a renewed call for analysis.

Policy Press

Trading Time

Can Exchange Lead to Social Change?

As time banking has received increased attention from policy makers as a means for promoting welfare reform in the wake of austerity, this book is the first to look at the concept of time within social policy to examine time banking theory and practice.

Policy Press