Lorenzo Cini

Lorenzo Cini is Marie Curie Skłodowska Research Fellow at the University College Dublin, where he is the principal investigator of the MSCA-IF-2020 research action COntesting GOvernance by NUmbers: The Mobilizations of Food Delivery Couriers across Europe in Time of the Pandemic (COGONU).


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Labour Conflicts in the Digital Age

A Comparative Perspective

This book offers a complete view of the new labour conflicts in the platform economy. Through case studies in advanced economies in Europe and the US and with an original approach that combines social movement studies and industrial relations, it provides a radical interpretation on the changing nature of worker movements in the digital age.

Bristol Uni Press

Contesting Higher Education

Student Movements against Neoliberal Universities

This close investigation of student protests in the UK, Canada, Chile and Italy represents the first comparative review of the subject. Setting the wave of demonstrations within the contexts of student activism, social issues and political movements, it casts new light on their impact on higher education and on the broader society.

Bristol Uni Press