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Mae Shaw

Mae Shaw is Senior Lecturer in Community Education at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. With a background in practice, she has a long established interest in the politics of community development and has published widely in this field.
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Class, Inequality and Community Development

Edited by Mae Shaw and Marjorie Mayo

This book, the second title in the Rethinking Community Development series, argues for the centrality of class analysis and its associated divisions of power to any discussion of the potential benefits of community development.

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Politics, Power and Community Development

Presenting unique and critical reflections on international policy and practice, this book addresses the global dominance of neoliberalism. It examines the extent to which community development practitioners, activists and programmes can challenge, critique, engage with or resist its influence.

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The community development reader

History, themes and issues

This unique Reader traces the changing fortunes of community development through a selection of readings from key writers.

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