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Malcolm Torry

Dr. Malcolm Torry is Director of the Citizen’s Income Trust and an honorary research fellow in the Social Policy Department at the LSE.
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101 Reasons for a Citizen's Income

Arguments for Giving Everyone Some Money

For anyone new to the subject of Citizen’s Income, or who wants to introduce friends, colleagues or relatives to the idea, this valuable guide will be essential reading, offering a convincing case for a Citizen’s Income and a much needed resource for all interested in the future of welfare in the UK.

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Money for Everyone

Why We Need a Citizen's Income

This much-needed book analyses the social, economic and labour market advantages of a Citizen's Income in the UK. It also contains international comparisons and links with broader issues around the meaning of poverty and inequality, making a valuable contribution to the debate around benefits.

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Why We Need a Citizen’s Basic Income

This fully updated and revised edition of Money for everyone includes new material to move the debate around Basic Income on from one of desirability to that of feasibility and implementation.

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